Pak Choi and Rice

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Today, I have a meal that can be prepared within 30 minutes; it is Pak choi and Rice. This meal is also very simple to prepare with the least amount of ingredients. It is ideal for those busy days and it adds variety as well. Stir fry pak choi (Brassica rapa) is a Trinidadian favorite and it is always served over rice, or with roti or bake…or even some CRIX ( Crackers from Trinidad).

Pak Choi and Rice Recipe

Pak choi (some times spelled pak choy and also referred to as bok choy or chinese cabbage) is most popular in our chinese cuisine. Occassionally, I like to have a side dish prepared with the pak choi to go with what I am having . It may be with lentil peas, fried fish, or (as you can see below) mackerel in tomato sauce. So here’s Pak Choi and rice; simple and absolutely healthy. Enjoy!

Pak Choi and Rice



1 cup rice, uncooked
5 head pak choi
1 pimento pepper, chopped
1 small onion, chopped
3 cloves garlic
1/2 tsp. salt


Boil the rice in water until soft. When done, strain and set aside
Separate the leaves of the pak choi and wash them.
Chop the pak choi, about one inch thick.
In a deep pot, saute the onion, pimento, and garlic in a little oil.
Cook until the onion is soft and slightly golden.
Add the chopped pak choi. Allow to steam until soft. Mix often.
But do not let the pak choi overcook because it loses it natural taste.
Usually the pak choi cooks well within five minutes.

The pak choi is done now and looks delicious. Pour in a serving bowl and set aside.

I love to have stir fry pak choi with a serving of mackeral in tomato sauce. This comes prepared in a tin, but I still like to cook it a little with some of our seasonings and of course a little pepper sauce. First, I saute a little onion, garlic, pimento pepper, in a little oil. Then, I add the mackerel in tomato sauce and a dash of pepper for taste.

Mackerel in tomato sauce.
Hope you enjoyed the post. More to come.
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  1. says

    Thank god I have foud a site with all my trini food.I was not born there, But my family is from there and would love to learn more receipes from the Island I LOVE

  2. says

    I love the new layout!!
    I actually have some pakchoi in the fridge right now and going to make this tomorrow!!
    I also enjoy this with some dhal and rice!

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