Coconut Jelly

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This coconut jelly is like a dream dessert.  Its like the dessert part of heaven’s menu that the angels line up to enjoy. But, somehow the recipe leaked and reached down to earth lol! :)  It’s so good that you’ll never be satisfied, and it is going to have you craving for just one more piece, or maybe two…or three – it is never enough.

The coconut flavour is strong, and the texture is smooth with a little shredded coconut.  The best way I could describe it would be “coconutty”.  I often think I need to serve this dessert with a fruit or something.  The same way jello could be served with a little evaporated milk (just the way I’ve liked it ever since.  However, it seems not to be the same case.  The coconut jelly is fine by itself. But, if you’re into experimenting go right ahead and have it your favourite way.

Now, I made this coconut jelly using gelatin, but you can use agar agar instead for a vegetarian twist.  Just follow directions on the packets to know how much to use in this dessert.  Agar is a gelatinous substance that also has a high fiber content (quite unlike gelatin).   However, you will have to bring all the liquid to simmer at once.  Either way, I believe you will certainly enjoy this coconut dessert.

As for children, don’t give them any or else you will not get any for yourself lol! Better yet eat yours first then share the rest hahaha :) So that’s the children…As for the angels looking for the leak as to who went ahead and shared their slice of heaven with us mere mortals, don’t look at me * whistling unconcerned*, I’ll deny any and all connections to this coconut affair lol! :)

Here is coconut jelly.  Enjoy!


The Coconut Jelly Recipe


coconut jelly


3 cups coconut milk
1 cup cold milk
1/2 cup sugar
4 tbsp. gelatin
1/3 cup grated coconut or dessicated coconut



Fresh coconut is best for this recipe.

You will need at least 2 coconuts.  Crack and remove the shell of the coconuts then grate 1/3 cup and set aside.


Cut the rest into smaller pieces (about 2″ in length)  and blend in water.
Add enough water to make the 3 cups of coconut milk.

Note:  We did not say to use 3 cups of water or else your coconut milk will be too diluted.

Squeeze out the coconut milk through a strainer or sieve.


Here is the coconut milk.  The more cream in your coconut milk, the whiter your jelly will be.

Back to the coconut jelly recipe :)




Pour the coconut milk into a deep pot.

Mix the sugar and gelatin.


Add to coconut milk.

Bring to a boil stirring constantly then simmer.

Note:  Stir until all the gelatin clumps disappear and gets translucent in the coconut milk.


Remove and add the cold milk …

…and grated coconut.

Note: As you would notice there isn’t any brown specks in the grated coconut.
This is because we cut out the brown outer parts before grating.


Pour into a glass dish and place in a refrigerator to set.

DSC_2987 When the coconut jelly is set, mark the jelly into blocks using a knife. Serve cold.

It’s been fun playing around with this coconut jelly recipe, hope you liked it.

Ah Gone :)



  1. June says

    I had this on BWIA about 20 plus years ago and it was so good. Been looking for a recipe since then but no luck……..until today!!! Thanks so much for this.

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