Trinidad Stew Chicken

This recipe is for Peggy who reminded me that I have not yet posted a Trinidad stew chicken recipe.I wonder what I have been waiting on.This post completely evaded me. Thank you once again for the reminder. The Best Trinidad Stew Chicken In Trinidad when we say stew we are generally referring to stewing meat [...]

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I’ve Really Been Busy !

As you can see I’ve really spruced things up a bit . For the past few days I worked on the blog to bring it to how it looks and I’m proud to say that I’m finished for now Hooray!!! what do you all think of my spanking new look? Also you all can just [...]

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Dosti Roti and Curry Aloo

It is always a welcome to sit back and relax while someone else cooks for you. It is especially a blessing when that person is your mother. I have always enjoyed my mother’s home cooked meals. These meals are not just traditional, but show my heritage and how Trinbagonians use the food available to them. [...]

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Curry Cascadura and Dumpling

Writing this post brings back some childhood memories. As a boy, I could remember going to San Juan market with my father early in the morning and I would see the different stalls some with vegetables, others with provision and some with all types of fish. Of course, there would always be an Indian person [...]

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The most attractive vegetable to me is the eggplant (we Trini’s call it baigan or melongene). Its smooth, shiny, purple skin makes it a favorite vegetable to plant in your backyard. If cared properly for, the plant can last for more than a year, yielding baigans regularly. Nowadays, with the price of food skyrocketing, I [...]

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Green Fig (Banana) Punch

When we Trinis talk about drinking a punch, it’s not the alcoholic type punch that is served at weddings and parties (although we drink that type of punch also). To us Trinis, a punch is a non-alcoholic milk based drink, flavoured with many different ingredients. After a day’s work, especially on Fridays and weekends, most [...]

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Puffs, A Trini Favourite

When I think of puffs pastry (choux pastry) I think of weddings, picnics, dinner parties and birthday parties. Here in Trinidad, no party will be complete without this favourite appetizer. And as a guest to any of these occasions, I feel I must have a puff (or two, if I am lucky!). The filling may [...]

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Green Seasoning

The Secret Behind Trini Cooking Today’s recipe, is Green Seasoning which, to me, is the real secret behind our trini cooking.When we’re making green seasoning here in Trinidad and Tobago, everyone has their own way of making it. The ratios of some of the ingredients may differ but no matter how it’s made one thing [...]

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Cornmeal Coo-Coo II

I know I had posted a cornmeal coo-coo recipe earlier in my blog, but I feel obliged to share this with you again, this time with step by step pictures. I always enjoy coo-coo but sometimes, I forget I am eating a cornmeal dish.It is so smooth and light; I like it with callaloo and [...]

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Coconut Drops

This recipe, coconut drops, was contributed by my wife, she is the baking expert in the kitchen. This is what she has to say about her coconut drops: The first time I tried making coconut drops was unsuccessful. The batter dropped while it was baking, I was extremely disappointed.  However, I tried again, until it [...]

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