Coconut Sugar Cake

What really is a sugar cake? When Trinidadians talk about sugar cake, they are referring to Coconut Sugar Cake; a delightful confection made with sugar and coconut, reduced to an almost sticky consistency, that is quickly spooned into mounds, and allowed to cool and harden on a fig (banana) leaf. Are you getting the picture? [...]

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Maracas Bay

Maracas Bay is located on the northern coast of the island and is by far the most popular of beach attractions for tourists and locals alike. While driving along the northern coast this is the first major beach you will come upon. Continuing along a few more kilometers you will then come to Las Cuevas [...]

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Passion Fruit Juice

The passion fruit Passiflora edulis has long been a favourite in Trinidad and Tobago. We love to use it to make juice or wine. I must say though, when you drink passion fruit wine don’t be fooled by the fruitiness; you can get intoxicated quickly as I have experienced. I could remember eating the passion [...]

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Pigfoot Souse

Have you ever heard of Souse? Souse is a way we Trinis pickle meat or trimmings, usually pig’s feet, cow tongue, chicken feet etc., by marinating it in water, seasoned with onions, cucumbers, pepper, salt and other seasonings. the process is simple and doesn’t take long to prepare. The marinating is also short, as compared [...]

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Split Peas Rice

There are days when I feel like eating a light but simple meal. A no fuss meal to cook is always a big welcome on a busy day, especially when I have to post an article, complete projects, and respond to my attention grabbing son who likes to go for walks by the river and [...]

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Coconut Bake

My father-in-law loves coconut bake. A dry coconut around the house means that my wife must make herself available to make some coconut bake for her father. I don’t give him wrong for having such minor requests, because I don’t mind myself. It is simple to make, tastes great, and it surpasses eating those extra [...]

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Homemade Coconut Oil – Trini Style

I never thought I would cook with coconut oil. For many years, I have been hearing and reading only negative things about it. I still every now and again come across such opinions in newspapers and online. But when I hear questions such as: How do you get oil from corn?Does soy really have oil [...]

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Boiled Pee Wah (Kerekel)

The rainy season is upon us and it’s really raining cats and dogs these days; at one time I really thought God forgot to turn off the sprinkler system. Ha Ha :) For the past few days it has rained heavily causing the the rivers to become swollen( a dangerous time to be close to [...]

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Trinidad Stew Chicken

This recipe is for Peggy who reminded me that I have not yet posted a Trinidad stew chicken recipe.I wonder what I have been waiting on.This post completely evaded me. Thank you once again for the reminder. The Best Trinidad Stew Chicken In Trinidad when we say stew we are generally referring to stewing meat [...]

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I’ve Really Been Busy !

As you can see I’ve really spruced things up a bit . For the past few days I worked on the blog to bring it to how it looks and I’m proud to say that I’m finished for now Hooray!!! what do you all think of my spanking new look? Also you all can just [...]

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