Cornmeal Coo-Coo II

I know I had posted a cornmeal coo-coo recipe earlier in my blog, but I feel obliged to share this with you again, this time with step by step pictures. I always enjoy coo-coo but sometimes, I forget I am eating a cornmeal dish.It is so smooth and light; I like it with callaloo and [...]

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Coconut Drops

This recipe, coconut drops, was contributed by my wife, she is the baking expert in the kitchen. This is what she has to say about her coconut drops: The first time I tried making coconut drops was unsuccessful. The batter dropped while it was baking, I was extremely disappointed.  However, I tried again, until it [...]

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Lentil Loaf

I can safely say that lentil peas are the least favorite of legumes for many people – well, as far as I know. I can also say that these same people may have eaten the peas in one way too often. But lentil peas have been in the human diet for a very long time. [...]

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One Month Already ?

Well it’s been a long time, I must say, so I have some explaining to do. Here goes… Since the last post on the river lime I’ve been very busy, or should I say “kept very busy”. First of all my computer crashed so I had to take some time to fix it, luckily none [...]

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Chicken Foot Souse

I hate chicken foot with a passion. You could put it in soup or in stew; the very sight of these things makes me feel sick. But put it in a souse and add a little pepper, onions and chadon beni and all qualms about chicken foot disappears. Like pigfoot souse, chicken foot souse is [...]

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What have I been up to? – Easter Monday – River Lime

This one took me by surprise today, but boy did I have a good time! After eating my Curry Q I got invited to a river lime, so I grabbed my camera and rushed off to the river. Well I won’t write much for now, but let the pictures do the talking.This is how we [...]

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Easter Monday – Curry Q

It was certainly a fulfilling Easter. Everyone seemed to have had a lot of plans that included meeting with friends, families, or groups to have a fabulously enjoyable time. Easter Monday was no different. Today, I looked forward to eating a good Curry Q that was prepared by some women I knew could really cook [...]

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Tomato Choka

My humble offering today is Tomato Choka. It is humble because this recipe is very easy to make, but very tasty.  It requires few ingredients as well.   However, before I go to talking about how to make tomato choka, I would like to thank all visitors to my, blog especially those who leave comments. [...]

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oil down

Oil Down

Here is another of our favorite one pot dishes. So for those of you who don’t like using too much utensils when cooking you will enjoy this. This dish is also one of my favorites. I’ve had it in so many different ways: with fish, pigtail, salt beef, saltfish… no matter what meat is used [...]

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Cassava Pone

Have you ever had a cassava pone?  Sometimes, just plain boiled cassava could get boring. A delicious dessert made with cassava that is always welcomed is the cassava pone. It is so popular that it is the first dessert to sell out at bake sales. This dessert has a consistency almost like bread pudding. The [...]

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