How to Make Black Pudding

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About a year ago I posted “Black Pudding and Hops“; a little post that was well received by my visitors. For some time I wasn’t aware of the impact it had on my readers until I got a flood of comments. Since then I was asked countless times to post an actual recipe for our traditional black pudding. I tried but to no avail was anyone helpful in giving me the recipe or even take a few shots of them making black pudding.

But me being me, I did not give up and sure enough the opportunity presented itself and I made full use of this opportunity to capture this rare moment in photos. While the pigs were being killed my aunt collected some of the blood to be used for making black pudding. The recipe was based on averages since everyone was busy and did not have time to sit and measure anything. But I did my best to get it as accurate as possible using the resources I had. Do you think I need to explain anything again about black pudding? I guess not, the pictures will say it all. Here then is the long awaited Trini black pudding recipe that no one wanted to share with me.

Black Pudding Recipe

Trinidad Black Pudding


8 cups pig’s blood
2 lbs pig’s liver
1 lb pig’s fat
3 – 4 cups green seasoning ( chive, celery, pimento, onions, fine leaf thyme, spanish thyme, chadon beni)
1 tbsp ground spice
1 tbsp clove powder
12 hot peppers
6 tbsp salt or more to taste
6 hops bread, cut into small cubes (optional)
pig’s intestines (about 24 feet)
7 limes
banana straw
water to boil pudding


Making Trinidad Black Pudding (22)Mix blood with salt to prevent clotting. Cover and set aside.


Making Trinidad Black Pudding (18)


Making Trinidad Black Pudding (20)Mince liver and fat  and set aside.


Making Trinidad Black Pudding (19)Wash the intestines with lots of lime and then turn inside out.

Note:  Make sure to clean thoroughly removing excess fat and tissue on intestine.


Making Trinidad Black Pudding (17)Add green seasoning, ground spice and clove to blood and mix.


Making Trinidad Black Pudding (16)


Making Trinidad Black Pudding (15)Then add minced hot pepper  to the blood along with the minced liver and fat. Mix.

Note: Add bread at this step if desired. Also when adding the pepper remove all the seeds before mincing.


Making Trinidad Black Pudding (14)


Making Trinidad Black Pudding (13)Tie one end of the cleaned intestine with string.



Now we’re ready to make some black pudding!

Making Trinidad Black Pudding (11)


Making Trinidad Black Pudding (10)Take an intestine, place a funnel at the open end and pour a cupful of the blood mixture.


Making Trinidad Black Pudding (9)Ram the mixture using the handle of a swizzle stick. Continue until filled.


Making Trinidad Black Pudding (8)


Making Trinidad Black Pudding (7)Tie and place carefully into a bowl.


Making Trinidad Black Pudding (6)


Making Trinidad Black Pudding (5)


Making Trinidad Black Pudding (4)Over a very low fire, place intestines carefully to boil in a pot that has been lined with straw
( in this case banana leaves) to prevent the pudding from bursting.

Note: The black pudding took about 3 hours to gently cook.


Making Trinidad Black Pudding (3)When it is just about ready test using a cocoyea stick.

Note: The stick should come out clean with no blood seeping through. Cocoyea – rib of the coconut leaf. See here


Making Trinidad Black Pudding (2)When finished remove from water and set aside to cool.

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So there we have it at long last; a good trini black pudding. All that’s missing now is ah hops bread and ah red Solo. lol! Coming up next…..A new way to use fever grass…

Hope you enjoyed how to make black pudding trinistyle.

Ah gone :)


  1. says

    Man, I can’t wait to try this one day. In Guyana the filling is made with rice cooked with lots of thyme and basil and other seasonings as well as coconut milk, then mixed with the blood and stuffed into the runners.

  2. Henry says

    Commented on the older post for this one having linked back to the older one with the Hops Bread. But just wanted to say Awesome for posting this recipe, love both Black and White Pudding. Nuff said!

  3. Henry says

    Posted on the old post linked in this one for Black Pudding. Awesome to see the entire recipe here. Respect to dat! Black Pudding is da bomb!

  4. Alana says

    I can’t get fresh uncooked pig blood – do you know if you could mill and use cubes of cooked pigs blood that is found in Asian grocery stores in the US?

    • says

      I have no idea how it would taste or even the texture since the process involves actually cooking the blood very slowly. But, if that’s what you have then try it. I would love to see the results :)

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