Sugarless Cake

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I have for you an extremely moist sugarless cake, with the uncanny resemblance to our popular black Christmas cake.  The main difference is that there is no alcohol in this cake.  As a matter of fact, this cake is a perfect substitute for the black Christmas Cake.  This cake is also the second cake for the month I mentioned in an earlier post.

Why a Sugarless Cake?

Now this recipe was taken from the book, “My Life, My Diet”, which also includes a number of selected recipes.  If you want a copy of this book you can click here for it; it was one of our free giveaway eBooks.  Anyway, this dessert is perfect in many ways.  It will appeal to the health-conscious who are trying to reduce their intake of sugar, those who are dieting, and those who just want to have more nourishing and satisfying desserts. This cake is just another treat for those who are diabetic as well.  Whatever the reason, I know you will go crazy for this cake.  My father-in-law loves black cakes and he gave this cake a thumbs up and a perfect score. My mom indicated she is saving a piece for later; she just loves the almonds in it.

A Sugarless Cake Recipe

You will also be surprised as to how easy this sugarless cake is.  This could be your daughter’s first cake, that could show off to her friends.  The cake takes about 35 minutes to prepare and bake. Isn’t that remarkable?  Another thing is that this cake has all the ingredients, such as dates and prunes, to help you feel really good in many ways.  Since the recipe has gotten such reviews at home, I have decided that this would be my go to “black cake” for Christmas.  Here is Sugarless Cake.  Enjoy and happy baking.

Sugarless Cake


1 cup dates, chopped
1 cup prunes, chopped
1 cup. raisins
1 cup cold water
1 cup. enriched flour
1 cup almond nuts, chopped
1 stick  (4 ounces or 1/2 cup) unsalted butter, melted
2 eggs
1 tsp. baking soda
1 tsp. vanilla
1/4 tsp. salt
1/4 tsp.  cinnamon
1/4 tsp. nutmeg



Beat the eggs with the vanilla.  Set aside.

Melt the butter.

Boil dates and prunes in the one cup of water for 3 minutes.

Add the butter.

…. and raisins and let cool.

Sift the flour.  Mix the flour, baking soda, nutmeg, cinnamon and salt.

Add to the beaten eggs.

Mix well.

 Add the fruit mixture.

Mix well.



 Stir in the chopped almond nuts.

 Pour into a well greased baking dish.

 Bake at 350° F  for  25 to 30 minutes.

 The finished cake.

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See you soon with another recipe. Hope you enjoyed our sugarless cake.


Ah Gone :)


  1. Sasha says

    This cake sounds delicious! I want to try this recipe but I hate nuts in cake. Should I add more flour if I’m omitting nuts?

  2. dc says

    Greetings Felix, two things please. One – thank you for posting a sugarless cake that does not use artificial sweetners to sweeten the cake. I seem to get a rather odd headache whenever I eat something that has artificial sweetners as an ingredient even if I am not aware that an artificial sweetner was used! Again much thanks ..Second thing please – I would like to bake this exact recipe in regular sized muffin tins. Would you be able to suggest a temperature and length of time to bake this recipe in regular sized muffin tins? Should I place a pan of water in the oven along with the muffin tins to prevent excess drying? For some reason, I have this longing to convert all my wonderful cake recipes into muffin/ cupcake sized versions. Regards to you Felix!

    • says

      dc you would need to watch the muffins like a hawk while they’re baking since you’re on uncharted territory and muffins cook faster. I would start at 250 degrees F for 15 minutes and test to make sure the muffin is cooked through sticking it with a knife at the center. if you do it please come back and tell me how it came out. I would be able to share it with other visitors.

      • dc says

        As soon as I get back home, have rested and start to bake again, I will let you know. In a few months If you hear someone screaming in the distance, from the Port of Spain area, it would be me. It either came out very well or it would be an unprecedented disaster!

  3. Dawn says

    Felix, I did this cake on the 23rd of June. It’s, oh my goodness gooood. I doubled the recipe
    including the water. Then I went to check your post and saw my fruits were a bit wet, so I blended the almonds finer and it was like extra flour, which took care of the extra liquid. But the taste is awesome, and takes half the time of regular fruit cake to bake. This is my go-to recipe for fruitcake EVERY TIME. As it ages ( 1 day only) it taste more mellow. Thank you,
    thank you much.

    • says

      No Dawn, thank you for trying the recipe and seeing for yourself that I do post wonderful and creative recipes. I just hope you shared the cake and didn’t eat all by yourself lol!! :)

      • Dawn says

        My husband and I blazed that cake like you will not believe.
        Truth be told I ate more than he did. Your recipes are REALLY GREAT.
        Will be making another one by next Wednesday please God.
        The mellowness is something, and this is not a hit and miss.
        This recipe makes anyone look like a real professional baker.
        Thanks once again and God bless.

  4. Ann Marie says

    Just made this cake with a little variation. Had some soaked fruits since last Christmas in the refrigerator and used this instead. Absolutely delicious. This is my new fruit cake for Christmas. I did not used any sweetener and was amazed at how delicious and moist this was.
    thanks for sharing.
    Ann marie

  5. Toni says

    This is delicious! The only thing I changed, was using half a cup of white rum and half a cup of water, instead of just water. Figured it wouldn’t hurt…and it didn’t! Just put another one in the oven, and the smell is out-of-this-world. Thanks.

  6. Ann Bedeau says

    HI Felix, good morning to you. It’s Thanksgiving Day in this country and I am here browsing through your lovely recipes and appreciating the time you take to explain the specifics of your ingredients. Your helpful tips and information provided are educational eyeopeners so please continue the good work. Well, FINALLY!!…SUGARLESS FRUIT CAKE COMPLETED, DELICIOUS!!! Because I did not have sufficient flour I substituted with whole wheat and will continue to use this flour.since there was not a bit of difference to the texture.

    Have a beautiful day.

  7. Ann Bedeau says

    Good Sunday morning to you and I really don’t think I am late in wishing you great success and good health in this new year. Well, feeling compelled to reply it is with great happiness I let you know that this was surely a hit, even though I used apricots at times instead of the dates along with whole wheat flour. In some instances alcohol was used to give a more authentic Trini flavor, and WHAT A HIT! Great shelf life. A BIT CONCERNED THOUGH ABOUT USING THE APRICOTS or is it a must to use the dates?. THANK YOU SO MUCH.

    • says

      I would say use what you have and don’t worry too much about the dates. If you want, later you can use the dates in a future sugarless cake and you be the judge as to which you prefer. Thank you for commenting :)

  8. IamActuallyMe says

    Hi! i just made this cake and as i put it in the oven i realized it doesn’t say where to add the cinnamon. it’s too late for me to add it now but i just wanted to point it out
    Thanks for the recipe! cant wait to taste it

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