Mango Kuchela

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With the abundance of green mangoes, comes all sorts of mango dishes. A few posts ago I gave you all mango chutney and mango chow. Today I will give you all another; Mango kuchela. Mango kuchela is another simple recipe of East Indian origin. It requires a little strength ( you’ll see what I’m talking about) and some cooking. The star of the show this time is not the famous curry but amchar masala better known as black masala. The masala has a different taste to curry but it is just as exciting…Well at least for me!


Mango KuchelaMango Kuchela

Just like mango chutney, mango kuchela could be used to spice up just about any food. I like kuchela on ochro rice and pelau; in fact when I don’t feel like eating pepper I use chutney or kuchela or amchar in my food. This mango kuchela lasts very long and even longer when refrigerated, just note: do not dip a dirty spoon into the kuchela because foreign bodies will be introduced and this will cause the spoiling. This precaution goes for chutney and even homemade pepper sauce; that’s why we pour the contents onto a spoon instead of dipping it in.

So before the mango season finish, I picked some to make Kuchela. Here’s mango kuchela: hot, sour and spicy.


8 green mangoes peeled and grated

4 cloves garlic grated

3 tbsp. Amchar masala

Vegetable oil preferably coconut

Salt to taste (about 2 tbsp)

Pepper sauce to taste (approx 3 tbsp)


Exact measurements for some ingredients are not given because they are adjusted based on taste; let your taste buds be your guide e.g. in my case I may add more pepper.

Peel and grate the mangoes. Place handfuls in a cloth and …
…squeeze (told you you need some strength!)

After squeezing all the grated pulp, add salt, masala and pepper and mix.
In an iron pot saute the garlic

add the mango and mix thoroughly until the mango dries down further.

This is one way of doing it. Another method would be to spread out the mango, after squeezing, to dry for about a day and then mixing in the other ingredients. Afterwards mustard oil is poured over the mixture. Anyhow it’s done, it tastes just as delicious….but that is my opinion someone else may disagree.

See you until the next post. Bye!



  1. Anonymous says

    Just prepared your mango kuchela, tastes great, makes me feel homesick! Keep up the great work! Love your website!

    Chantal from the Netherlands, Europe

  2. says

    Thank you Chantal for your words of encouragement. Mango Kuchela just happens to be a favourite of mine also! I hope you don’t get too homesick visiting the site. :^)

  3. Anonymous says

    I found a jar of Kuchela in my pantry. It has a small light-brown label with a black pen drawing of a small house and a sign on the front of the house that says “Sunny Caribbee.” I may have gotten it when I was in Barbados many years ago. I don’t know how to use it.
    Jeff – Northern California

  4. says

    Kuchela is used as a garnish in many of our foods. So you should try it the way you would use pepper or a hot savoury sauce; just a little bit.

  5. says

    Just made your Kuchela, using cooking apples cuz I live in the UK and don’t like the consistency of their mangoes, but it came out just as good as my mom’s. Thanks for your recipe. Now I’m home sick for some Trini doubles :)

  6. dc says

    Allo Felix, just as a guide – what measurment of salt and what measurement of pepper did you use for this recipe?

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