Green Fig Souse

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A Green Fig Souse for The Vegetarians

Green fig souse is one of those recipes I had to do for a long time and just didn’t get the time to do it for one reason or another. But the time has come and it has been done.  I believe the main reason for doing this is because of the influx of vegetarian readers I have been getting on the site and the comments that inspire me to do more. Most times, readers like my moderator Vidya or another reader Satesh are always asking for eggless versions of my delicious recipes.

Don’t be afraid Vidya and Satesh, I do listen to you all and have been doing some research for upcoming recipes. And in the future I am making notes on how some of the recipes that use eggs can be substituted. As always, some recipes just cannot be substituted especially where eggs are the main ingredient. I can’t possibly see an eggless version for Deviled Eggs lol!! hahaha 😀

Anyhow back to green fig souse. Again in keeping with my vegan/ vegetarian crowd I have done this Caribbean favourite of a souse.  And, even a professed meatarian like myself do enjoy some of these vegetarian recipes. In some cases I don’t even miss the meat. This green fig souse definitely is one of those vegetarian recipes I don’t really mind having more than one serving at all. The seasoning really soaks in after a few hours and when you’re finished with the fig you will be drinking the sauce and still want more.

Before you die of hunger or get really homesick here’s green fig souse. Enjoy!

Green Fig Souse Recipe

Green Fig Souse



1 hand fig (about 12 bananas) *
1 hot pepper
1 tbsp. oil
1 med onion
1/2 cup lime juice
16 leaves chadon beni, chopped
8 cloves garlic, chopped
2 tbsp salt or to taste

* Click here to learn about how banana is quantified






 Wash, mark fig and boil in water with 1 tbsp. oil.

Note: The oil is added to prevent the fig staining the pot.



 Chop and blend the garlic, pepper and chadon beni in 1/2 cup water and 1 tbsp. salt.

 Test the fig to see if it is cooked by sticking it with an ice pick or knife.




 Allow to cool under running water then peel and cut up in a large bowl.


 Wash and peel the cucumber then slice.


 Slice the onion…

…Then add the lime juice.

 Soak in 5 cups water.

 Add 6 tbsp. of  the chadon beni mixture, 2 tbsp of salt and stir.

 Soak for 3 to 4 hours at room temperature.

Note: This souse you can refrigerate since it is plant based and doesn’t have gelatin.

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See you soon with another trinilicious recipe.  If you like this recipe why not pin this green fig souse recipe or share it with your friends on facebook.

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  1. Dunori says

    Ditto to what V’s said. And guess what – to make vegan deviled eggs, slice some tofu into the shape of the egg white then fill it with some mashed provision (you could even use these same green banana) that has tumeric/saffron mixed in it.

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