Frozen Banana

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Frozen banana? Who would have thought that frozen bananas would make such a natural dessert. It’s as if Mother Nature was showing me that she could produce an all natural frozen treat without all the chemicals to rival any commercially made treat we are so addicted to.   And now I’m hooked. She has done truly her job.

Many Types of Bananas for a Frozen Banana Treat

Here, in the Caribbean we are blessed with an abundance of bananas of all types.  Some are large like Gros Michel, while there are the small varieties like Chiquito and Silk. Freezing the banana was a new idea I got from one of our monthly giveaways that showcased a few healthy recipes to get you on the road to losing weight naturally.

Frozen Bananas: A Kid’s Treat

When I saw the recipe I thought of all the children that are on holidays at this time and what a wonderful and healthy treat it would make for them.  So, we decided to do it since it was an easy, no cook, recipe that children would enjoy making with some supervision from an adult.

As you can see the method is straight forward and not too complicated to follow. Of course, you can experiment a bit and try another topping whether it is another type of cereal, coconut flakes or melted chocolate. It is up to you to decide how you will add your creative twist. But, I will keep mine simple enough for anyone to succeed at the first attempt.

With the success of this recipe I believe I will have to do some more recipes like this. Perhaps you all can give me some suggestions as to what other simple dessert recipe you’ll like to see me do that’s kid friendly. Anyhow, without further ado here is frozen banana; a natural, kid friendly, nutritious snack.

Frozen Banana Recipe


Frozen banana



3 ripe bananas, peeled
1/4 cup skimmed milk
3/4 c. grape nut cereal, crushed to crumbs
1 tsp. of ground cinnamon
1 tsp. of ground nutmeg




 Peel the bananas and cut each in two.

Mix the cereal, cinnamon and nutmeg.

Note: The grape nut cereal does not crush well in an electric chopper.  It is best to place it in a clean bag, hold the end tightly and use a rolling pin to crush it.  You can also leave the cereal as it for a more chunkier texture.



 Insert an ice cream stick or skewer deeply into the cut end of the banana.


  Dip the banana in the milk…


 then roll in the cereal crumbs and spices.

Note: To get the cereal to stick press firmly into the banana.


 Wrap in plastic and freeze. Serve cold.


Note: I used this grape nut cereal for my frozen bananas.  It is not as sweet as most cereals, and a bit expensive in Trinidad.  A good substitute is the Sunshine Granola cereal for this recipe.

That’s it for this post; enjoy your frozen banana treats.

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  1. dc says

    Felix, try freezing bananas solid then blending that in a blender either by itself or along with other frozen fruit. Great substitute for ice cream in a pinch! Also, try a frozen banana or two in a smoothie along with almond milk. It makes a great non-dairy smoothie that you can either add other frozen fruit, ground flaxseed or chia seeds to or just try the frozen bananas along with the almond milk by itself.(Chia seeds thicken by itself upon contact with liquid so it provides an even thicker “milk” shake). Try a frozen banana in peanut punch also. Interesting flavour and different texture. Word of caution – peel bananas first before freezing.

    • says

      Hi dc,
      Thanks your your suggestion; that would certainly make a simple but healthy ice cream. I like that, and I think I would try this some time in the future. Frozen bananas are really versatile and can help make a few simple but delicious drinks as well. Thank for your comment.

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