Breadfruit Salad

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I seriously have breadfruit on the brain and this breadfruit salad says it all. This month I will certainly have to call breadfruit month because of the amount of breadfruit recipes we have done. But not to be out done by that wonder of a breadfruit pie I did, I have another creation that is certainly attention grabbing like the rest of recipes we have done this month.

This breadfruit salad is the perfect substitute for the times you are really tired of potato or even macaroni salad. Yeah! I know the feeling. Day in day out especially on a Sunday you’re always whipping up a potato salad for lunch. So here is a wonderful substitute that won’t let you down on taste or texture.

Actually this breadfruit recipe has a short story behind it somewhat, that lead me to experiment with the breadfruit as a substitute for potato. Want to hear it? Of course you do.Well, it’s very short ….

It was harvest time * in Talparo back in the 80’s and the Curry Que Stall ran out of curry aloo and channa. Being the creative people we are, one woman thought of using breadfruit as a substitute and they curried breadfruit as a substitute. Quick thinking on the woman’s part saved the day. Mom was there and she said it tasted great and you would never know the difference.

Inspired with this idea I decided to try the same type of substitution. All I could say is that the breadfruit salad taste real bess. If there was ever a potato shortage I wouldn’t miss it. Well, just hoping that breadfruit is in season around the same time lol!! :)

Anyhow, I won’t keep you long. Get your breadfruit and put some water on the fire to boil. We makin’ breadfruit salad today. But, before I go I’ll have to explain what a harvest in trini means. In Tobago it has another meaning but I’ll leave that for a later post.


* Harvest – This word has more than one meaning in trini dialect. Every year in the Church calendar there is a day set aside to celebrate as a community and raise funds for the church. Most times it coincides with a feast day of  the saint or archangel the church is dedicated to. In my parish, St Micheal’s, our harvest coincides around the Feast Day of St Micheal, September 29th.

There are lots of stalls with games of chance where you could win lovely prizes. Games such as : pick a card, test your nerves, punch board, bran tub, tin pan alley, the ever popular rings and of course the food stall and bar are all there and we can’t forget the DJ as well.

Let’s make some breadfruit salad shall we?

Breadfruit Salad Recipe

Breadfruit Salad


5 cups breadfruit, boiled and diced
1 stalk celery
1 tin peas and carrots
1/2  small sweet pepper
2 tbsp onion, grated
1 tsp hot pepper sauce
2 tsp salt or to taste
1 clove garlic garlic, grated
1/2 cup mayonnaise
1 tsp mustard









Wash, cut and peel the breadfruit and boil in salted water.


Place  about 5 cups of diced breadfruit in a bowl and add…..

 sweet pepper

 …peas and carrots…


…grated onion…

salt and pepper …


mustard and mayonnaise..

Toss and refrigerate. Serve chilled.

Print this recipe.

So there we have it, our third installment of a breadfruit recipe. Who knows what else I may come up with :). In the mean time enjoy my breadfruit salad recipe with some pelau and I’ll be right back with a trini recipe for you all to enjoy.

Ah gone :)