Barbadine (Giant Granadilla) Punch

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How about a barbadine Punch?   The Giant Granadilla (passiflora quadrangularis L.) also known locally as Barbadine, is one of the more exotic fruits grown on the island. It’s not as common as oranges or apples, but when you see one , you can’t miss it because it is large. The fleshy yet somewhat delicate fruit grows to almost 1 foot in length by 6 inches wide and can weigh anywhere upwards of a pound.

A Tasty Barbadine Punch

The pleasant scent of a ripe barbadine is one you can’t miss at all. It perfumes the whole room it is in with its lovely, fruity, aroma. But today we’re not going to be using the Barbadine (giant granadilla) for its pleasant scent; we have a better use for it! …and one you would enjoy I assure you.

Here in Trinidad and Tobago we have two uses for the giant granadilla when making drinks; we use it for juices or, in today’s case, in a punch. The barbadine punch recipe is similar to the soursop punch where we will be extracting the pulp and then adding the rest of ingredients. Just like the soursop punch the pleasant aroma permeates the punch making it a splendid complement to any meal ..Well, except soup!…or even by itself. Lately, I found a special way to use the barbadine punch, but you would have to wait at the end of the post to see what it is.

As usual the barbadine (giant granadilla) punch did not last as long as I would like; you just can’t be satisfied with one glass of barbadine punch! So before you start sharing, ( in a whispered voice) make sure and pour your glass of barbadine punch first or give everyone half glass and tell them you only made a little bit 😀

Enjoy barbadine (giant granadilla) punch.

Barbadine Punch Recipe

Barbadine Punch



1 ripe barbadine (giant granadilla)
2 cups full cream milk
2 cups evaporated milk
1 cup sugar


peel the thin outer skin…
and cut in half.
Use a spoon to take out the seeds and set aside.

Remove the pulp and place in a bowl.
Take out as much pulp from the seeds as possible.
The barbadine pulp is ready to be used.

Blend the pulp together with the milk.
Note: This may have to be done in two parts so you may want to blend half of the pulp with 1 cup of the milk each.
Pour out in a bowl and sweeten with the sugar.
Note: Adjust sweetness to taste.
Afterward, pour the liquid through a strainer to ensure that the punch has a smooth consistency.
The finished punch. Refrigerate or serve with ice.
OK this is my new and special use I was talking about.
For breakfast, I had cereal with my barbadine punch.
Nice combination!
See you soon!
Well, I hope you enjoyed the barbadine punch recipe.

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  1. says

    The barbadine we found here in the supermarket wasn’t very ripe, so I wasn’t able to mash it like you did, I just cut it in cubes. I am quite sure with this unripe fruit it tasted different, but it was very yummy still.

  2. says

    What you could do next time if it isn’t that ripe, is to put it in a paper bag and let it ripen. Barbadine punch really tastes delicious…You could even do like me and try it with your cereal.

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