Potato Salad

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To end the week I leave with you a simple side dish that is a must with any Trini Sunday meal. Based on the amount of steps you’ll realize that’s it is not that difficult to make. Of course as I always say, you are welcome to experiment with it once you get the hang of it. Maybe try some bacon bits or olives or something else you like.I like to enjoy potato salad with a nice Sunday meal with red beans, stew chicken, water cress and rice. Or even with a nice fried rice or pelau etc. Anyhow, I will be short tonight so enjoy potato salad.
Pelau with potato salad


1 lb. boiled potato, cubed

1 boiled carrot, cubed

1 medium sweet pepper, diced

1 pimento pepper, diced

1 hard boil egg, diced

1 tsp. sweet relish (or try olives instead)

1 celery stalk, diced

1 tsp. brown sugar

2 tbsp. mayonnaise

1 tsp. mustard

pepper to taste


Some of the ingredients for the potato salad.
All are diced.
Pour all the ingredients into a deep dish.
Mix the ingredients with the mustard and mayonnaise until the mixture is moist.
Potato SaladPotato salad.

Good night everyone. Have a good night; well at least in Trinidad :)



  1. says

    i have to thank you for your wonderful website. i was looking for a potato salad similar to what i ate at a trinidian party years ago (so delicious). which is how i found your website. i made this recipe and it was so so good. i substitiuted some ingredients and left out other because i couldn’t find it in my local suermarket. my family loved it! thank you again

  2. nilima joshi says

    i have lived in the island of trinidad and i loved it. there are so many dishes that i liked. thanks for this website now i can try all of them as my family loves them too.

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