The Mystery Tombstone of Betty Stiven

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When visiting the sister isle of Tobago, one place you just have to visit is, the mystery tomb of Betty Stiven.  You might be asking, why might be saying to yourself, “why should I visit this lady tomb, I don’t know who that woman is?”  I’ll say you’d be glad to know about her once you read what is written on her tomb. 


The Writing on the Mystery Tombstone of Betty Stiven

Betty Stiven died in 1783 at 23 years old. Her tomb, located in Plymouth, bears an inscription that is baffling to all who read it and – may I add – could be a good conversation starter. I am still yet to figure out what really happened to Betty Stiven in 1783.

However, this is what you will read on her tomb: “She was a mother without knowing it, and a wife without letting her husband know it; except by her kind indulgences to him”.

The Mystery Tombstone of Betty Stiven

See how baffling it is. I encourage anyone to have a crack at it, better yet get some scholars to give some background on Betty Stiven, I would sure like to know what really happened. If you think you have figured it out, please feel free to leave a comment to elucidate me.


The mystery tombstone is still a mystery to this day; who knows, maybe it will always be a mystery.



  1. says

    It is so common. She died without knowing that her child was given life while her’s was taken to give room for her children to live a life and she really drunkened her to get him to marry her which yes she got married but Mr. Stiven never knew until after her death that he was married to her. So if the old man had any intentions of getting married he would have known

  2. says

    My interpretation, subjected to correction simply is that she died without knowing that she was potential mother as she was ignorant to the fact that she was pregnant.Concerning the marriage aspect, she probably was married to another man and this her supposedly ‘husband’ had no knowledge of. ( this is just my take on it)

  3. Anonymous says

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    the real answer is after birth of her child she hit her head on a large rock and cut her head open and died and had a husband and was still married and had a second husband, Mr.stiven. So Mr stieven did not know she was a wife with a another man.

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