Geera Pork

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Geera Pork is another of the liming foods we love to eat. It is either eaten by itself in cups or together with hops bread or any kind of bread for that matter. Most men enjoy this fabulous dish while drinking alcohol at a bar or just liming on the weekend. It is said that the pepper in the geera pork actually makes you take longer to get intoxicated. While this may be true I can’t verify, because I’m not much of a drinker. But, I can verify how good it tastes with hops bread.

( For another geera pork method check out Geera Pork II)

Geera Pork, geera pork recipeGeera Pork
This dish is commonly classified as cutters (the same goes for pigfoot souse, black pudding etc.) when liming, because we always like to have something to eat at the side, while ole talking with friends and family or celebrating some occasion (but as true trinis we don’t really need an occasion to enjoy ourselves).

Coming back to drinking, I once heard someone say jokingly, that we in Trinidad are a “drinking society”: when someone is born we “take ah drink fuh dat”, for the baptism we “take ah drink fuh dat”, for the wedding we “take ah drink fuh dat” and for the funeral we “take ah drink fuh dat” ….Haha!!! so you see we always have a reason to drink. Well at least that’s my opinion lol!

Geera pork, like most of our foods, only taste good with some hot pepper sauce. The mixture of the geera (cumin) with the other herbs and pepper is totally ‘tastetational‘. Here’s Geera Pork




1 lb. pork
1 tbsp. geera (cumin)
4 cloves garlic, chopped
1 small onion, chopped
3 leaves chadon beni
1 sprig of chive
1 pimento
1 hot Pepper (scotch bonnet)
Salt to taste
Lime to wash the pork.


Cut pork into 1″ pieces and wash with lime.

Mince the herbs. Add the herbs and the geera to the pork
and leave to marinate for 1-2 hours.
Saute the garlic and onion in 2 tablespoons of oil.
Add the pork and hot pepper and mix thoroughly.
Add some water and cook the meat until tender.
When the meat is tender, simmer until most of the water
is evaporated and the meat is cooked.
When most of the liquid is absorbed and the pork is well cooked,
set aside to cool before serving.
This is one method of doing geera pork other people like to add the geera when the pork is nearly done. Soon I will show you another way, but this time I will use chicken, so stay tuned for this post. Please note that the “geera-ing” process could be used on any kind of meat. Traditionally, pork has been preferred but that shouldn’t stop anyone from substituting another meat instead of pork.

This weekend was a tiring, but exciting one. I now have a weeks worth of recipes to upload for your viewing pleasure. Wish me luck and keep those requests coming. Bye!


  1. says

    Just wanted to say that yuh post made me VERY homesick. I live in Africa and have not seen the Trini shores in over 8 years.

    That said, I’ll try yuh recipe soon.

  2. says

    Am still waiting for the geera chicken recipe. My sister makes this with neck and I almost eat the whole pot, but she is in Trinidad, so please post the recipe :)
    By the way every single one of your recipes that I have ventured to try, are AWESOME

  3. says

    Just to note that for the geera, it should correctly be ‘roasted cumin’. This is just for those who are not familiar and may want to try this recipe. The ordinary cumin may work, but the taste will not be the same. However, you can simply take the cumin seeds, roast them in a hot skillet and grind them in a mortar/pestle or food processor.

  4. Sandy says

    Felix ,boy we try this and it felt like I was back home in felicity.It tasted real good. We love your site. I have to try the black pudding.I miss that too bad from Rising Tide Club. Thanks for making we foreign trini feel like we back home.

  5. crystal says

    If you want to get your pork very tender, instead of lime, soak pork in warm water adding flour,salt and baking powder, wash in warm water and then season as directed. The pork or beef can melt in your mouth.

  6. Rawlins Boodan says

    Do not wash pork with lime or lemons just soak in water and wash with flour and the meat will be tender and while cooking pour about 5 ounces of Coke in the pot and your geera pork will be very tender

  7. says

    This is not geera pork but curry pork, geera pork use little masala and more geera and for the pepper you must use scorpion pepper, please don’t spoil a good Trini food original, this was created by the Indians who lived in the barracks in the sugar estates when the white man cut up the pig he will give the Indians the head, tail and ears so they geera it to preserve it . Meat that is geera can last for three days without a fridge

    • says

      You make no sense, the recipe does not have curry; so how could it be curry pork. Please read carefully before you leave your comments. Thank you.

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