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Julia’s 3 Spice Creamy Lentil Soup

This recipe was contributed by Julia Z one of the winners of our “Trini Spice Kit” contest that we ran in November. Congratulations Julia…Here’s what she had to say.. “The recipe that inspired me to create my 3 Spice Creamy Lentil Soup is the Lentil Pea Soup recipe from your site. Being a vegetarian, good [...]

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Fish and Sweet Potato Chowder

There are many varieties of chowder, but I like this one called fish and sweet potato chowder. This simple, creamy soup could become your new comfort food.  It is so easy to prepare and heart healthy. One ingredient, sweet potato, which is available year round here on the island, is known to to have many [...]

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Trini Ham Bone Soup

Ok, so the ham now finish and all we have left is the bone, but, being the Trini that I am, nothing goes to waste; so I am thinking about some ham bone soup. Ham Bone Soup The bone is traditionally used for a soup. Ham bone soup has such a wonderful flavour it permeates [...]

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Chicken and Vegetable Soup

This chicken and vegetable soup had some positive effects on my lifestyle. Read on and see why…. Does my posts reflect my life? Of course it does. I always try to reflect what is going on in my life, and lately I’ve been on a health drive (A big thanks to all my readers who [...]

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Beef Soup

This beef soup recipe was long in the planning and was based on a request I got from Tamica, a facebook fan of mine. As you all may have remembered I always talk about memory attached to foods be it one of happiness or of someone or even an event. I think beef soup surely [...]

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Cream of Pumpkin Soup

According to our last post on losing weight, soups keeps you fuller for longer, and so do cream of pumpkin soup. So today, based on this simple weight loss rule, we are on the soup trail. Homemade soups are also a good alternative to the regular meals eaten every day. I like an easy soup [...]

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Ok, this was one large pot of sancoche (pronounced sang- koch) that we made and I was so gree….(Uh!)… hungry… Yes! I was so hungry that I had more than one bowl.  And, with salt beef and pigtail in the pot along with all those provision, I just couldn’t resist.   Sancoche is one of our [...]

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Callaloo II

With the different variations there are to a good callaloo, I decided to post my mom’s callaloo recipe. Unlike my wife’s callaloo that’s a little thicker, my mom’s callaloo is a little more fluid and spicy. This is the callaloo I grew up on. Every Sunday morning as a rule, right before going to church, [...]

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A Simple Soup

Having soup sometimes brings back vivid memories…… Memories of A Rainy Day The rain was falling heavily but I had to reach home. The four o’clock bus to Maracas would surely leave me behind this time. Trudging through puddles and pools of water, I raced down Saddle road. It was all a blur. I remember [...]

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Provision Soup

Ground provision is very close to my heart when it comes to Trini cooking. They go along great with so many other things you can find in a trini kitchen. You can have provision and saltfish, smoke herring, callaloo, smoke bone…. almost anything. Of course you may remember that I did Provision and Saltfish already [...]

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