Currants Roll

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Most Trinis like to indulge in a little bit of pastry once in a while and when they do a currants roll is in order, well at least for me. I have gotten tired of the kind of “currants” roll that has either raisins or candied paw paw instead that some of our bakeries like to pass off as the real thing. Mind you, it tastes good but please don’t call it a currants roll. Call it a raisin roll or a candied fruit roll or something. Anyhow, I just wanted the real thing (with real currants) so we took out our pastry dough from the freezer and made some.I have grown fond of pastries and its versatility. I just have to remind myself not to eat too much of it, I certainly cannot allow myself to add on any more pounds. But for some reason I forgot about this and my wife rolled out the entire dough. She felt like a artist and curved it to see how it would bake. In the end she ended up with some really large currants roll everyone enjoyed. You can make smaller rolls buy cutting the dough in half before working it. You don’t have to make large rolls as we did. I hope you enjoy this recipe.


Currants Roll



Prepared basic pastry dough
1 cup of currants
cinnamon powder
2 tsp. sugar
2 tbsp. melted butter


Roll out the dough and spread the butter, sprinkle the cinnamon
(according to your own taste)
spread and press in the currants, and sprinkle a little sugar.
Roll one long side of the dough and fold over.
Moisten the edge with a little milk, press together to seal.
Place on lightly greased baking sheet or dish. Start oven at moderate 350 F.

Bake for 25 minutes, or until golden brown. Cool on a rack and cut.

Well today was quite an adventure getting an error 404 and trying to fix it. I’m tired because of it but still happy I’m able to post. So we’re back. While I go to bed now enjoy your currants roll, this one is on me.

See you, bye!


  1. says

    WHOOO HOOOO you’re back,i was checking all day to see your recipe of the day.
    AND you posted the best ever!!
    Can’t wait to try these,i only get currants rolls when i go to New York and thats 5 hrs away.
    I’m glad you’re back!!

  2. says

    Do you by any chance have a recipe for sugar buns ??
    I remember when i was little we use to buy them at Linda’s Bakery in St James ,or Peter’s Bakery in Caranege.

  3. says

    I just put the currnts roll in the oven a few minutes ago and its smelling good….I peaked at it in the oven and its strting to rise a little…can’t wait to indulge.

    Can you plz do a post for pastelle pie and Jamaican beef patties, I will reall appreciate it!

  4. says

    Cant wait to try this. You know the rolls with the coconut in them instead of currents? would it work if I just replaced the currants with shredded coconut? Thanks! :)

  5. Henry says

    Was looking around on how to make this and then i remembered this site lol. Anyway thanks for the recipe. I grew up in St.Kitts and my Auntie was a Boss in the Kitchen as well pasty Boss. These are called Raisin Rolls on St.Kitts and my Auntie used to make there the regular way and often she would also kick this up with Rum Soaked Raisin and they were to die for Raisin Rolls. You could never just eat just one.

  6. Alex says

    I tried this yesterday, it tasted great, i doubled the recipe.. the dough was reallllly sticky and wet so i wasn’t sure if it supposed to be like that, so i put extra flour, to get to to a regular but still sticky texture, i added about 2 cups extra flour. i put it in freezer for 15 mins, the top was hard so i knead it back and put it back in freezer for a little while…. after i fill it , i put it on my cookie tray and put it in freezer for 5 mins, the time i took it wasn’t cold anymore… this is my first pastry ever made, it came out great, not flaky, but a little crumble.. but still practicing…

  7. Nicole says

    Hello! I tried out this recipe this morning because my husband loooooves currants rolls. He hasn’t told me yet if he likes it (he took his to work) but I just had a piece with my morning cup of coffee and it was deeeelish!! Thanks so much for posting these recipes. I’m going to try the coconut turnover next because….yes you guessed it, my husband loves those too. Hahahaha!

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