Yam Chips

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First of all I would like to say that this has been a very wet dry season so far. I don’t know the reason for this change in the weather patterns but I hope it doesn’t make for a wet carnival! Could you imagine rain on Carnival Monday and Tuesday?

Last evening while rain fell, as if God forgot to turn off the sprinkler system, we had some yam lying around so we decided to make some yam chips. This was most welcomed while we watched
T.V. The yam we used is called Juba Yam and is known for its sticky consistency when boiled. Boy! That yam made some mouth watering chips.



So next time when you’re relaxing at home and you’re feeling for something salty and on the crispy side, instead of rushing to the pantry for a bag of potato chips try some yam chips. It’s far more healthier and filling and don’t forget to fry it in some coconut oil.

Tip: Yam chips stay fresher and crispier longer, once stored in a sealed plastic bag e.g. a Ziplock bag

Peel and boil the yam until it is cooked. Do not over cook.
To test whether the yam is cooked use a knife.
Once the knife goes straight through, the yam is cooked.


Remove the yam from the water, drain and allow to cool.


Slice the yam into 1/4 inch pieces.


Heat the oil and fry the yam until golden brown.


Remove and drain on a napkin. Once most of the oil is drained out place in a bowl
and add salt to taste .

You can also prepare a dip for your chips if you like.
Here I mixed a little ketchup, mustard, and homemade pepper sauce.
Mix the ingredients well.

See you soon. Bye!



  1. says

    Never had Yam chips , but i had cassava chips.
    I get them from a restaurant we frequent here. They cut it like french fries ,but on the thick side, deep fried and its really good.

    I will have to try these yam chips soon.

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