Watching Too Much Television

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The effects of watching too much television has been shown in the consumption of goods and services.  Television ads have one main purpose: to encourage the viewer(s) to purchase a product. When it comes to ads on food, most of the foods advertised are snacks. Most snacks are low in nutrient density and have a high fat content. These ads are especially geared towards children, mostly between the ages of 6 and 11, who are not so concerned about the nutrient content of these snacks. Then they harass and nag us parents for those so called tasty treats that can easily ruin a well prepared dinner.

watching too much television

Watching Too Much Television and the Grocery List

We often include in the grocery list a number of snacks for the whole family to enjoy (most of them could be classified as unhealthy). But, snacks on a grocery list could accumulate to a costly figure as well. Think about it! Calculate the sum total of the monthly servings of these prepackaged goodies, such as chocolate bars, cream cheese ice cream, cheese snacks, biscuits and cookies, sweets, cakes, soft drinks, etc. The cost of these snacks could be in the hundreds.

Effects of  Watching Too Much Television


Two Ways You can Reduce Time Spent Watching TV

Spend Less time and Reduce the Grocery List

I find a good method to reduce the amount of snacks consumed, is by being discrete on the amount of time we (parents and children) spend watching television. Less time spent in front of the television is less time spent being reminded of snacks you have to try while relaxing in front of screen. It is so easy to crave these same snacks being advertised on television.

Eating Less Snacks

Another good method that I find useful is buying one snack less each week. It is not about punishing yourself because you crave for it and enjoy it. It’s about learning to control what you eat for the right reasons and teaching your children how to make healthy decisions about eating and staying healthy. However, I would like to add, if you are strong enough and truly want live above other influences, you could cut the cable bill from your household budget, like we have done. But that is another story.

Learn more about the effect of the media and watching too much television by clicking on this link.

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