Video Recipe – Cornmeal Pastelle

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With the Christmas season upon us, I saw it fitting to do another video of one of the most popular dishes served around Christmas time, Cornmeal Pastelle. It is most like a pie that is steamed. The simple corn dough is filled with meat or vegetables and is best cooked by steaming the pastelles over water.   The Fig leaf that is wrapped around the pastelles help keep the moisture and the flavour within.     You can boil the pastelles (in the fig leaf ) as well, but you will have to be very careful.   You must ensure you seal the pastelle within the fig leaf so that water does not seep through and wet the the dough.   This could cause it to crumble. And that would be a disaster. That is why this traditional dish is considered not an easy recipe to do at home.

Cornmeal Pastelle: A favorite

Some people consider this dish difficult to make.   On the contrary, it is very simple.   If you one who can don’t   like to measure ingredients, and follow the steps systematically you will find it difficult, and tedious to learn.   Trial and error is tedious, and you could give up.   You see the right technique could ensure swift preparation.

This dish is most loved by many Trinibagonians, and usually cost as much as $15 each in the supermarket.  I personally think this is a bit expensive, but what can I say?   I make them myself.   So, now I am encouraging you all to do the same and make some yourself.   Save a little money!   You will soon find out they are not all that hard to make.   So tell the family some help is needed.   They would not complain.   Soon you will have dozens of tasty pastelle to eat with your meals.

Cornmeal Pastelle

These Pastelles taste great; I could never get enough of them.   I know you will like them too, so go ahead and check out the video recipe then subscribe to the Simply Trini Cooking You Tube Channel. Of course tweet, facebook like and feel free to share with your friends and family. Ah gone! :-)

Cornmeal Pastelle Video Recipe

A cornmeal pastelle recipe is   shown in this video or click on this link to read the recipe.

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