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Cornmeal Fry Bake

There are many variations for bake; one of my favourite is cornmeal fry bake.  I like the texture and crunchiness of the crust, due to the coconut oil and the coarseness of the cornmeal.  This bake will go with just about anything: cheese, sausage, fish, tomatoes, avocado, jam or jelly, etc.  It always taste great [...]

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Spicy Egg Salad

This is not an ordinary egg salad; this is a spicy egg salad made with one of my favourite sauces, chadon beni chutney.  It is also one of my mom’s favourite ways to prepare boiled eggs.   Not everyone likes plain boiled egg.  This way makes it a lot more tasty and interesting with a little [...]

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red salad

Best Ever Red Salad

There are many vegetables with a red colour and they also make a perfect red salad.  Red salads are simply irresistible.  Generally, vegetables come in different colours, with the colours indicating its nutritional value.  Red vegetables contains high levels of vitamin C and A.  Red vegetables such as tomatoes also contain lycopene and anthocyanidins, both [...]

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stewed black-eyed peas

Stewed Black-Eyed Peas

When a loyal reader (DC) requested this recipe, stewed black-eyed peas, I knew I just had to do it.  It was a bit different for me at first but after pressure cooking  it with some coconut milk it was a real winner. The rich aroma of the black-eyed peas and the coconut milk wafted all [...]

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Vegetarian Stuffed Sweet Peppers

Following closely on the heels of stuffed sweet peppers, is vegetarian stuffed sweet peppers – a version everyone will like. Even  a “meatarian” like myself have to agree that it tastes great. lol!! It’s really delicious by itself or as a side dish to complement a main course meal. So why did I do this [...]

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Parsley Cassava

Here is a recipe you would enjoy during lent, parsley cassava.  Cassava has supposedly been used in every conceivable recipe we can think of here at Simply Trini Cooking… like boiling it and having it with saltfish, and in recipes like pone, dumpling and nearly all the gluten free recipes, still not forgetting cassava bread, [...]

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Vegetable Chow Mein

It (the vegetable chow mein) lookin good eh?… As if you could just stretch your hand and take a taste of the mushroom…. or just a tiny piece of carrot or sweet pepper smothered in the sesame oil and soy sauce. Mmmm! If only the sight of this chow mein could fill my stomach right [...]

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Soursop Sorbet

Similar to the pacro water, I had another wonderful discussion with another facebook group member about ice creams and gelatos. One thing he asked was if there anything such a soursop sorbet and that had me thinking for a while. Is there anything called a soursop sorbet? Indeed after much research I discovered that there [...]

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Green Rice

This Green Rice dish will certainly surprise your.  Rice is a staple ingredient in many dishes here in Trinidad. Trinidadians do eat a lot of rice. It is considered a basic food, despite its ever increasing cost. What is important is that we do not waste this necessary ingredient.  Some times I get a little [...]

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Wholewheat Coconut Bake

The rest on Sunday was quite exhilarating. I visited my sister, with my whole family, and “buss a lime”. My brother in law is a master cook, being in the catering business for over fifteen years. So you know this visit, turned into a “lime”, would have quite a few surprises. But I won’t let [...]

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