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Cassava Pastelle

I absolutely love pastelles, so I am always willing to show its many variations, like this one called Cassava Pastelle.  When I see them I feel like I am celebrating Christmas regardless of the time of the year.  So far, I’ve made pastelles and shown you some variations in the years gone by, so I [...]

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Chow Chow

Chow Chow is a condiment everyone likes to put on their slice of ham.  Chow Chow and Christmas “Yuh want some?” the food server asked. I would never think to put that yellow stuff on my ham. For me a bit of ketchup and some pepper sauce would do just fine…Other band members knew what [...]

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Trinidad Garlic Pork

This was one recipe long in the making and with a lot of nudging and almost begging by one particular facebook fan I had to do this Trinidad garlic pork recipe before year’s end. But, before we go into the recipe I thought I would talk a little about this particular pork recipe and its [...]

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Trini Christmas Ham II

This year I baked my ham in the simplest way possible: no boiling like last year, no glaze, no special preparation: nothing. The only thing I did was wrap the whole ham in banana leaves which gave it a wonderful flavour and added the whole cloves before baking. I was surprised at how it came [...]

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Sorrel Cake

Sorrel Cake? You mean to say some innovative Trini went and invented a cake with sorrel! Well not only that but they happened to share their recipe and we happened to get the recipe….long story short, it’s now online for everyone to try. Sorrel Cake vs Black Cake This cake is certainly a must try, [...]

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Five Finger Wine

“Ah want some homemade wine madame Gloria, Gimme de homemade wine, it nice. Ah want some homemade wine madame Gloria, Gimme de homemade wine, it sweet…” Just like Scrunter’s song, “Homemade Wine” celebrates homemade wine making in Trinidad and Tobago which is an art in itself. And a delicious one at that too! From recipes [...]

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Soya Pastelle

Well, the wait is finally over: I got my shopping done and did some painting today. The wifey already started putting up the curtains and I’m already feeling that oh so Christmassy feeling. All I need is a little house Parang and I’m good to go. :-)  Anyhow, to start things rolling I’m starting you [...]

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Pork Pastelle

Pork pastelle is perhaps the best tasting type of pastelle you can enjoy during the Christmas season. To some, including me, a Trini Christmas isn’t a Trini Christmas without a few generous helpings of a pork pastelle or two. A Special Pork Pastelle So what’s so special about pork pastelle? Well, for starters the meat [...]

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Trini Christmas Ham

To top off my posts today I will like to end with Trini Christmas ham. I won’t talk like I’m used to, I’ll just let the pictures do the talking. Merry Christmas everyone. TRINI CHRISTMAS HAM 1 ham 2 tbsp soy sauce 1 tbsp pepper 3 tbsp green seasoning ½ cup ketchup 1 tsp black [...]

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Ginger Beer

Coming at you again with another Trini Christmas recipe; this time I have for you Ginger Beer. This is a fermented drink that is popular around Christmas time in Trinidad and Tobago. The ginger is fermented from any where between a day to a week depending on how strong you want it. This is a [...]

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