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This is a collection of the words we use in our everyday language. Enjoy.A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y ZBack to Sweet T & T

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A! – An expression of exasperation or indignation. A-A – Expression denoting surprise, indignation, said quickly or very slowly for effect. Ah – I, also A, as in A tree, A house Usage: Ah Chut !- Expressing annoyance, being vex , e.g. ” Ah chut nah , man ” Ah eh able- (I am not [...]

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Babash – see Mountain dew Bacchanal – Large noisy happening, scandal, big party, confusion Bachac – The leaf cutter ant http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Leafcutter_ant Back – Usage: Back Squeeze – To hold back, e.g. Ah back squeeze ah lil change. (I save some money) Back back – To reverse. E.g. Doh back back on me Back chat – [...]

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Caca – Faeces, Cacahole – Insult, Asshole e.g.  You is ah cacahole ah what Cacada – Little bit of money Caca roller – Scarab beetle, dung beetle Calaboose – Jail Call Dat George – Finished; the end of the matter Calpet – Tap, To slap someone behind the head Calypso – A musical and lyrical [...]

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Da is you? – Is that you? Dan Dan – Smart looking clothes Dasheen – Taro plant (Colocasia esculenta) Dasheen bush – The leaves of the taro plant used to make callaloo http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Taro Dat – That Usage: Dat good for yuh – Serves you right Dat don’ constitute- That does not matter- That is irrelevant [...]

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Ease up – Give help Eat meh out – Consuming all the food in the house-” Dey come and eat meh out” Eat parrot bottom – Talkative; e.g. Like he eat parrot bottom? Eh?- What did you say? Eh-heh – Oh really? I understand, yes. Eh eh – Exclamation of surprise – No way- not [...]

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Fada (or Faddah) – Father Fainty – Usually used to describe a weak scent Fall out – To stop speaking with someone or to terminate a friendship Family way – Pregnant Fas’ / Fase – Forward, inquisitive, e.g. “Yuh want to know all mih business? Yuh too dam’ fase, man.  also “playin’ fas’ ” – [...]

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Gadahar – Jackass Galavant – Hanging around without doing anything constructive Galvanize – Zinc sheets used to cover roofs Galary – (Gallery) – Verandah or porch, Showing off, e.g. If yuh see how she galary sheself. Game cock – A breed of cock (cockrel) bred for the sport of cock fighting. Gams – The distance [...]

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Hands up – To be held at gunpoint Harden- Disobedient, stubborn, hard headed, someone who does listen or learn Hambug (or Humbug) – To pester or bother someone Happy like pappy – Overjoyed Hard Back – Grown up and one who should know better Hard Back Indian – Person of East Indian ethnicity, who grew [...]

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I eh payin’ tax fuh mih mout’ – I could say anything I want Ignorant – Quarrelsome, annoying, lacking reason; e.g “Dat fella really get on ignorant, oui” In de Bamboo- (Traditional meaning) To be in the doghouse, to be in trouble; (Modern Meaning) refers to the large number of used car part businesses in [...]

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