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Fish in White Sauce with Vegetables

It seems any dish with a white sauce, such as this fish in white sauce with vegetables,  is a dish begging to be eaten or maybe, you will be begging for more.   During this season of Lent my family eat more fish than any other time.  This is because we hardly eat any other type [...]

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Trini Dictionary

This is a collection of the words we use in our everyday language. Enjoy.A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y ZBack to Sweet T & T

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A! – An expression of exasperation or indignation. A-A – Expression denoting surprise, indignation, said quickly or very slowly for effect. Ah – I, also A, as in A tree, A house Usage: Ah Chut !- Expressing annoyance, being vex , e.g. ” Ah chut nah , man ” Ah eh able- (I am not [...]

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Babash – see Mountain dew Bacchanal – Large noisy happening, scandal, big party, confusion Bachac – The leaf cutter ant http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Leafcutter_ant Back – Usage: Back Squeeze – To hold back, e.g. Ah back squeeze ah lil change. (I save some money) Back back – To reverse. E.g. Doh back back on me Back chat – [...]

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Caca – Faeces, Cacahole – Insult, Asshole e.g.  You is ah cacahole ah what Cacada – Little bit of money Caca roller – Scarab beetle, dung beetle Calaboose – Jail Call Dat George – Finished; the end of the matter Calpet – Tap, To slap someone behind the head Calypso – A musical and lyrical [...]

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Da is you? – Is that you? Dan Dan – Smart looking clothes Dasheen – Taro plant (Colocasia esculenta) Dasheen bush – The leaves of the taro plant used to make callaloo http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Taro Dat – That Usage: Dat good for yuh – Serves you right Dat don’ constitute- That does not matter- That is irrelevant [...]

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Ease up – Give help Eat meh out – Consuming all the food in the house-” Dey come and eat meh out” Eat parrot bottom – Talkative; e.g. Like he eat parrot bottom? Eh?- What did you say? Eh-heh – Oh really? I understand, yes. Eh eh – Exclamation of surprise – No way- not [...]

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Fada (or Faddah) – Father Fainty – Usually used to describe a weak scent Fall out – To stop speaking with someone or to terminate a friendship Family way – Pregnant Fas’ / Fase – Forward, inquisitive, e.g. “Yuh want to know all mih business? Yuh too dam’ fase, man.  also “playin’ fas’ ” – [...]

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Gadahar – Jackass Galavant – Hanging around without doing anything constructive Galvanize – Zinc sheets used to cover roofs Galary – (Gallery) – Verandah or porch, Showing off, e.g. If yuh see how she galary sheself. Game cock – A breed of cock (cockrel) bred for the sport of cock fighting. Gams – The distance [...]

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Hands up – To be held at gunpoint Harden- Disobedient, stubborn, hard headed, someone who does listen or learn Hambug (or Humbug) – To pester or bother someone Happy like pappy – Overjoyed Hard Back – Grown up and one who should know better Hard Back Indian – Person of East Indian ethnicity, who grew [...]

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