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Parsley Rice

Sometimes plain rice can be boring.    Sometimes a little creativity can make a regular meal exquisite, and so parsley rice is born.  You should know that it is the parsley potatoes, which I did some time ago, that encouraged me to make parsley rice.  This rice dish helps create a versatile menu.  It can [...]

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Fish in White Sauce with Vegetables

It seems any dish with a white sauce, such as this fish in white sauce with vegetables,  is a dish begging to be eaten or maybe, you will be begging for more.   During this season of Lent my family eat more fish than any other time.  This is because we hardly eat any other type [...]

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Channa Soup Cutters

Channa Soup Cutters

With the carnival season upon us, this channa soup cutters recipe has come at the right time.  As local traditions suggest, alcohol is always complemented with a spicy appetizer.  Why spicy?  It is said that the spiciness in the appetizer prevents one from getting intoxicated too quickly. Preventing Hangover This is what some people claim; [...]

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Masala Caraili

Masala Caraili (Bitter Gourd)

Masala Caraili does a number on your tastebuds. Believe you me it does, especially if you’re not used to the taste of bitter gourd. First, it attacks you with a spicy, savoury masala  taste that entices you to have a bit more, but after the masala flavour subsides and starts to roll down your tongue [...]

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Mango Cake

This is not a common recipe for mango, but an interesting one.  I say interesting, because I have never tasted a mango cake before – and never really thought of making one.  You see, like many people I am accustomed to eating the mango fruit as is; not as an ingredient in a recipe. Become [...]

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Beef with Broccoli

Beef with Broccoli

Beef with Broccoli: For those Tiresome Days Beef with broccoli is my go to meal when I want to cook something in a jiffy, especially on those days when my wife and I are tired of cooking. Yes, I too do have my times when I can get a little under the weather and don’t [...]

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stewed black-eyed peas

Stewed Black-Eyed Peas

When a loyal reader (DC) requested this recipe, stewed black-eyed peas, I knew I just had to do it.  It was a bit different for me at first but after pressure cooking  it with some coconut milk it was a real winner. The rich aroma of the black-eyed peas and the coconut milk wafted all [...]

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Deviled Eggs Trinistyle

Deviled Eggs Trinistyle

I can vividly remember the first time I had deviled eggs….It was my cousin’s birthday and all the neighbour’s children were invited. We played as usual because we had energy to burn. We played catch and ran about until we were just about sweaty. Calypso music played in the background but we didn’t care too [...]

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vegetable lasagna, simply trini cooking

Vegetable Lasagna

This vegetable lasagna was a hit. It took me by surprise because we are always making lasagna using white sauce and whatever choice of ground meat. But, when we discovered this recipe, we just had to try it. By the way this was a featured recipe in the giveaway ebook My Life My Diet where [...]

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lentil peas soup, trinidad lentil peas soup

Lentil Peas Soup

Lentil peas soup is a hearty thick soup that excites the senses on a drab, dreary long day after work. The smell of it revitalizes you, so much more for the soup itself. On those days when you don’t feel like cooking, try a nice pot of lentil peas soup. You won’t be disappointed at [...]

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