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Morang River

I decided to take a break from the recipes to show you the beautiful Morang river of Maracas Valley …..One of the rivers found in Maracas Valley, it is frequented by most who know of it. Nestled at the foot of the El Tucuche Mountain and blanketed under lush green forest, this river provides a [...]

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Mount St Benedict

A terrific place for a retreat or just to get away from it all is at Mount St. Benedict. It is situated away from the hustle and bustle of normal life, and at the same time has the necessary amenities that could make a peaceful retreat high up in the mountains. St Benedict is the [...]

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Las Cuevas Beach

Las Cuevas is located on the northern coast of the island. The journey is a little longer, but the drive is worth it because it is less rough than Maracas Bay. I personally prefer Las Cuevas also, because there are less people, so you could relax a bit more. Some of you may have seen [...]

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Maracas Bay

Maracas Bay is located on the northern coast of the island and is by far the most popular of beach attractions for tourists and locals alike. While driving along the northern coast this is the first major beach you will come upon. Continuing along a few more kilometers you will then come to Las Cuevas [...]

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The sun was bright in the sky and it was begging me to take a ride to Lopinot (pronounced Lo-pi-no).  The last time I drove to Lopinot, I went with my father and his parang band (a very long time ago). For some reason, I cannot remember the drive being this long and winding. But [...]

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I was mad enough to take a very long one-and-half hour drive to Toco under heavy pouring rain, only because I made a promised to a wonderful choir group that I would be there. The beaches, still looked magnificent even though the waters were very rough.I am sorry, I was unable to take out more [...]

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The Mystery Tombstone of Betty Stiven

When visiting the sister isle of Tobago, one place you just have to visit is, the mystery tomb of Betty Stiven.  You might be asking, why might be saying to yourself, “why should I visit this lady tomb, I don’t know who that woman is?”  I’ll say you’d be glad to know about her once [...]

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The Argyle Waterfall

As promised more pics less talk. Enjoy!For more info click hereBack to Places to Visit

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Places To Visit

Trinidad and Tobago has been blessed with exotic beaches and other historic sites that I feel compelled to share with you. This page is meant to showcase some of my photos taken at these places. This is a work in progress. As I go along, the links will be added, so always come back to [...]

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