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Gri Gri

It’s been a long time since I’ve had gri gri but I got some the other day. Took me straight to my boyhood days; I would eat the thin outer flesh of the gri gri and save the nut for later. Then when I had some spare time I would crack it with my teeth [...]

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Seasoning Meat Trini Style

Seasoning meat in Trinidad is art in itself and it is an important factor of Trini cooking, that is responsible for the unique taste of our dishes. Part of the fact I believe also is that we do not like the fresh smell of meat, especially chicken, when we’re cooking or eating UGHH! As I [...]

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You may have noticed me mentioning this word (roucou) when I posted the cornmeal pastelle recipe a few weeks ago. So I thought it would be nice to do a post on this natural red colouring , and how it is made. A little About Roucou Roucou or Oucou, as some people call it, comes [...]

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Pastelle Press Plan

This is a simple plan you can use to make a pastelle press. I decided to draw it because I didn’t see any detailed ones online. I still feel that there may be a few minor adjustments to be made but I would only know for sure when I build one myself or get some [...]

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How to make Browning Trini Style

I can’t really call this a recipe but rather a technique. Browning is really caramelized sugar and water that is used when we are preparing our famous Pelau and black cake. Although I showed you all how to make pelau by burning the sugar etc. you can also use the browning to save time but [...]

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Green Seasoning

The Secret Behind Trini Cooking Today’s recipe, is Green Seasoning which, to me, is the real secret behind our trini cooking.When we’re making green seasoning here in Trinidad and Tobago, everyone has their own way of making it. The ratios of some of the ingredients may differ but no matter how it’s made one thing [...]

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I didn’t know where to put these recipes and related info, because they didn’t fit in the other categories. I decided to put them here.Enjoy! Cooking Equivalents Glossary Of Cooking Terms Green Seasoning Easter Monday River Lime The Herbs We Use You Are What You Eat Cream of Tartar How to make Browning Pastelle Press [...]

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How to Make a Trini Swizzle Stick

Are you interested in learning how to make a Trini Swizzle Stick?  Today, you will learn how to make one  some material you may have right in your garage.   A Trini Swizzle Stick Making a swizzle stick is very easy and in no time you can make one and start to swizzle your milk [...]

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How to make a Dhal Gutney

If you like your dhal almost pureed, you most likely know that the dhal gutney is the best tool for this. Definition The Dhal gutney or dhal gutni (dal goot nee) is a wooden cooking utensil, common in local East Indian cooking, used especially when making dhal. After the split peas has boiled, the dhal [...]

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Glossary of cooking terms….and some Trini ones too !

The following are definitions of common terms used in the preparation of food (including some local cooking terms ). Trini/Caribbean Cooking Terms ALOO – Potato ANGOSTURA BITTERS – A particular brand of bitters made in Trinidad and Tobago. AU GRATIN – Foods such as seafood, chicken or vegetables prepared with a sauce, covered with buttered [...]

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