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Sorrel Sauce

Christmas is really here and by the sight of all the sorrel being sold at the market and also at the roadside on the highway it only means one thing: sorrel, sorrel and more sorrel to drink.  But, what about other recipes using sorrel? In the past I have done a sorrel jam, sorrel cake [...]

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Bacon Wrapped Plantains

Bacon Wrapped Plantains

We have a lot of plantains in the Caribbean.  Generally, when I think of plantain I think of it being fried in oil until is is golden and served with bread or bake for breakfast.  I generally eat plantain fried.  It is also the easiest way to prepare it. There are many others recipes that [...]

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Curry Chicken Wontons

What I like about curry chicken wontons is the surprise at the end. The trini tongue is accustomed to expecting some sort of shrimp or egg filling yet, lo and behold, you get some chutney music and tassa on your taste buds instead. It’s great to give the taste buds a little jolt from time [...]

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My Top 10 Liming Foods for Carnival

Well, Carnival is upon us and yuh boy is already in Carnival mode and have been thinking of the top 10 liming foods for Carnival that people visit on the blog. I haven’t been able to post as usual because I’ve been busy myself. At this time I’m recuperating from Soca Monarch, which was excellent [...]

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Trini Chicken Roulade

*Alarm rings* *waking up from a virtual sleep* Yawn! *stretching arms* Have I been asleep for so long?  It has been a long time, actually three months, since I have posted. Almost feels as if  I was asleep.  Yes, it has been that long.  Some of you may have felt that I have forsaken Trini [...]

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Stuffed Sweet Peppers

Sweet peppers are great in almost every cuisine we have on the island, including Stuffed Sweet Peppers. We find it in fried rice, soups and adorning salads in every which way. Sweet peppers are truly a go between vegetable. But, what happens when it is the star attraction of a dish? It takes on a [...]

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Coconut Chicken

Coconut milk is used in many dishes in the Caribbean, including coconut chicken.  Coconut has been a staple of the Trini diet from the time the Amerindians first came to this island. In fact,with the different races arriving on the island it was used even more as we became a “callaloo society” ( or is [...]

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Sorrel Chicken

Sorrel Chicken is one of those recipes that don’t allow you to throw away food that could be very useful.  Don’t throw away your sorrel pulp when you’re finished making your sorrel drink because I have a recipe that’s delicious and out of this world.   Apart from the Sorrel Jam, I have found yet [...]

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Cassava Pastelle

I absolutely love pastelles, so I am always willing to show its many variations, like this one called Cassava Pastelle.  When I see them I feel like I am celebrating Christmas regardless of the time of the year.  So far, I’ve made pastelles and shown you some variations in the years gone by, so I [...]

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Fried Fish

I absolutely love making fried fish ….and eating it too lol!! It is so easy to prepare and the cooking time is far less than regular meats, like chicken, beef and goat. So every time I’m faced with a quick decision on what to cook, fish comes to the rescue. And these days it has [...]

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