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Fish in White Sauce with Vegetables

It seems any dish with a white sauce, such as this fish in white sauce with vegetables,  is a dish begging to be eaten or maybe, you will be begging for more.   During this season of Lent my family eat more fish than any other time.  This is because we hardly eat any other type [...]

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Spicy Egg Salad

This is not an ordinary egg salad; this is a spicy egg salad made with one of my favourite sauces, chadon beni chutney.  It is also one of my mom’s favourite ways to prepare boiled eggs.   Not everyone likes plain boiled egg.  This way makes it a lot more tasty and interesting with a little [...]

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Spicy Coconut Rice

There is something unique about the taste of coconut.  Its sweet nutty taste can contribute greatly to the simplest of dishes, even to plain cooked rice.  That is why I had to do this recipe, a spicy coconut rice for all those who say white rice can be boring.  So, here is an umami experience [...]

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Curry Chicken Wontons

What I like about curry chicken wontons is the surprise at the end. The trini tongue is accustomed to expecting some sort of shrimp or egg filling yet, lo and behold, you get some chutney music and tassa on your taste buds instead. It’s great to give the taste buds a little jolt from time [...]

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Eggless Macaroni Pie

Ok, this eggless macaroni pie recipe is for my vegetarian/ rastafarian readers: perhaps I could safely say it is macaroni pie gone “ital”.  LOL!   Anyway, I felt I wasn’t doing enough to cater to my vegetarian readers, so I decided to post this eggless macaroni pie recipe. A Sunday Eggless Macaroni Pie Macaroni pie [...]

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Grapefruit Juice

Childhood and the Grapefruit Tree Going to primary school had its adventures. The primary school I went to, had many grapefruit trees and they were always laden. This meant for us, lots of grapefruit chow or just grapefruit with salt and pepper. We also had other uses for the small fruit. When you forgot to [...]

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Sada Roti and Fry Aloo (Potato)

Simplicity…That’s the word that comes to mind when I think of Trini cooking. After posting these trini recipes thus far, I find that there is a common thread that links all of these dishes. Most of them require few ingredients ( nothing extravagant) yet the taste is always unique and “Trini” for want of a [...]

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Rice and Dasheen Bush Bhaji

There are some of the dishes that I post that hold a special place in my heart because it reminds me of the good and bad times that has passed. “Rice and Dasheen Bush Bhaji” is one such dish. The thing is, people would consider eating this type of dish as “poor people food”, who [...]

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Trini Pepper Sauce

Trini Pepper sauce is a favorite and a must in cooking with my family. They can’t do without it. My mother who has devoted so much time in making her own homemade pepper sauce has become a professional pepper sauce maker. Her hot pepper sauce is used in almost every dish. I am just used [...]

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Sea Moss Drink

Whenever I go to the beach I always find that the food purchased at the beach always taste more scrumptious. The fish is always larger and fresher, not to mention tastier. If you have ever eaten shark and bake at Maracas Bay or a white fish fillet in Toco, you know what I mean. That [...]

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