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Trini Style Paprika Chicken

Mmmmm!  Paprika chicken was all the rage recently at my home.  It came, it wowed me, and it went….fast. Talk about flavour! It was a flavour to share.  This paprika chicken had a Trini spin which made our mouth water with delight.  So, it was only a matter of time before it eventually ended up [...]

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Sauteed Tomatoes

I love sauteed tomatoes with bake or sada roti. I am never tired of it.   I love it for breakfast or dinner along with a warm cup of tea or creole cocoa. you know, eaating it the usual. Ah, that’s the life…I’m sure many of you will be able to connect with a simple dish [...]

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fruit bars

Fruit Bars

Think this fruit bar is like the regular fruit bars you buy at the supermarket?  Think again, because believe me, you may just be thinking in the wrong direction.   This fruit bar will surprise you, especially knowing that there is no sugar in it.  This bar is sweetened with only fruits. Inspired to make some [...]

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Pepper Shrimp

My pepper shrimp recipe is rated H for Hot. Any hotter than this, and this pepper shrimp recipe would be banned for inducing spontaneous combustion LOL!! hahaha. The Origin of Pepper Shrimp Pepper shrimp is a recipe that has been influenced by our Chinese heritage on the island, but like all other trini recipes, this [...]

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Corn Pie

One taste of Corn Pie brings me a rush of memories……It was Sunday; the old man’s leg had been amputated and I used to visit him on this day to “ole talk” * and keep him company. We would talk at length on many issues ranging from the spiritual to the mundane. I was in [...]

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