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How to Make a Basic White Bread

Homemade white bread is the most popular type of bread.  Its distinct taste and texture is so desirable, that no one could possibly refuse a homemade bread that is well made.  This staple food, though most enjoyed by many, is not made by many people.  If your reason for not making this is that you [...]

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Sweet Potato Salad

If you think there is not much you can do with sweet potato, except to serve plain as a side dish or a pie or to have with other provision in a soup, I have a sweet potato salad recipe that will definitely surprise you.  Now, if potato is so much of a versatile ingredient, [...]

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Tips for healthy eating: Weight Gain During the Holidays

Weight gain during the holidays is one major concern for  most people.  Most people believe that most of their excess weight is gained during the holidays.  We all love the holidays, but the holidays seem to help us increase our own baggage. At the end of a holiday many would have overeaten and gain one [...]

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10 Cheapest, Healthiest Foods

Shopping for Cheapest, Healthiest Foods?  In the past years we have seen an increasing in the price of healthful foods. The increase has been the most in nutrient-dense foods. This affects many people as they seek to adopt a healthier lifestyle. We have compiled a top ten list  of the healthiest and cheapest foods. The [...]

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Fever Grass (Lemongrass) Tea

Fever grass or lemongrass tea is a popular herbal tea in Trinidad and Tobago, just like the Fever grass itself. Fever Grass is also known as Lemon grass (scientific name of “cymbopogon citratus”). It grows in thick clumps that could span from 4 feet in width and grow as tall as 6 feet. The leaves [...]

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How to Budget for Food

Some people find it difficult to budget, that is whey we have this article for our reader: How to Budget for Food.  Everyday we ask the question: “What shall we eat today?”   This question can become quite nagging for the one responsible for preparing the meals at home.  It can also be quite a [...]

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Thinking about Health and Budgeting

It is possible to accomplish the goals of health and budgeting if we keep them in the right perspective.  We have all been told that Fast Foods lack variety and nutrients, and that it discourages us from enjoying a well-balanced meal. But if we cook our own meals, we should be able to get back [...]

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You are what you eat. Really!

Having a long conversation with a 97 year old lady got me to wonder about how fortunate it is to be able to meet and speak at great lengths on so many topics with a person past 80 years,  including a topic such as health and longevity. I began to feel privileged and wished this [...]

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