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beet shake

Beet Shake

In search of a healthy drink? Try this beet shake.  This beetroot drink or beet drink is a nutritiously dense drink – it is loaded with lots of vitamins and minerals.  Also, it is very tasty and easy to prepare. A Bit On Beetroot Beet root (beta vulgaris) is a root crop with a bulbous [...]

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Gluten Free Banana Nut Loaf

This recipe is one of my favorite gluten free recipes, GFCF Banana Nut Loaf.  I am always reminded that one of the best fruits to eat is a banana. It is filled with so much nutritional goodness that I know of people who would eat a banana or two before they do any physical exercise [...]

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GFCF Ginger Muffins

How about some ginger muffins? It is a perfect muffin for tea time.  I just love ginger and I won’t mind having this muffin with ginger tea as well. What’s so special about ginger? Ginger is a popular herb in China and India. It is known as “zingiber” in Sanskrit which means “shaped like a [...]

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GFCF Pumpkin Bread

Here is another GFCF recipe, GFCF pumpkin bread. Yes, I know you weren’t looking out for another recipe so soon, but then you all should have gotten accustomed to how prolific I am at times when it comes to posting. :-) So what do I have for you today? It’s a wonderful cake ..er …bread [...]

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GFCF Raisin Drops

Lately we have been experimenting with gluten free recipes from a Trini cooking perspective and thus far we have had some success converting some of our local recipes; now it time for some GFCF raisin drops. I must say that in some of them you can’t really tell the difference because of how close they [...]

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GFCF Saltfish Accra

Ok so the Trini GFCF recipe train is up and running again, and this time we’re taking a famous trini appetizer saltfish accra and converting it to a gluten free version (GFCF saltfish acccra) that people who are allergic to wheat flour could enjoy. And, for those of you who just want to try something [...]

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GFCF Sugar Free Pancakes

GFCF? What’s that? GFCF stands for Gluten Free Casein Free which stems from the gluten free casein free diet. A gluten free casein free diet simply means that there isn’t any wheat flour or dairy products in the diet. The reason I decided to include this type of recipe is that there are many people [...]

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