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Mango Custard

Baking this mango custard was an entirely new experience for me but it was well worth the trip…. I never knew it would taste so exquisite. One spoonful together with some whipped cream was all I needed and I was transported to another time and place…….. The restaurant was abuzz with casual chatter that accompanies [...]

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Coconut Biscuit

I did not plan to bake a coconut biscuit recipe, but as I had a lot of coconut I felt that this was one to do.  Long story short, I am very pleased with these coconut biscuits.  They are a terrific alternative to the regular bread or pasta for dinner.   My son enjoyed them with [...]

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Masala Caraili

Masala Caraili (Bitter Gourd)

Masala Caraili does a number on your tastebuds. Believe you me it does, especially if you’re not used to the taste of bitter gourd. First, it attacks you with a spicy, savoury masala  taste that entices you to have a bit more, but after the masala flavour subsides and starts to roll down your tongue [...]

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Marmalade Cheese Muffins

These marmalade cheese muffins are really delectable and they will certainly surprise you and your whole family.  Perhaps the surprise may be on you seeing how fast they will go in under an hour.   As soon as they come out the oven, everyone will be eying these muffins; and when they eat one, it will [...]

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Cucumber Chutney

Found gracefully adorning all doubles in Trinidad and Tobago and perhaps in New York and environs, Cucumber Chutney has become a main stay of many a doubles vendor.  Be it for economy’s sake or otherwise, cucumber chutney is a real crowd pleaser. It complements the other chutneys and sauces well “batting in its crease” and [...]

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Eating Healthy During Pregnancy

It is a good idea to eat healthy, but even better just eating healthy during pregnancy. A balance diet ensures you and your baby gets the required nutrients. However, there are a few adjustments you would have to make to your eating now that you are pregnant. Pregnancy Affects Your Body Pregnancy increases a woman’s [...]

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Tips for healthy eating: Weight Gain During the Holidays

Weight gain during the holidays is one major concern for  most people.  Most people believe that most of their excess weight is gained during the holidays.  We all love the holidays, but the holidays seem to help us increase our own baggage. At the end of a holiday many would have overeaten and gain one [...]

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10 Cheapest, Healthiest Foods

Shopping for Cheapest, Healthiest Foods?  In the past years we have seen an increasing in the price of healthful foods. The increase has been the most in nutrient-dense foods. This affects many people as they seek to adopt a healthier lifestyle. We have compiled a top ten list  of the healthiest and cheapest foods. The [...]

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Chadon Beni, our Wild Trini Herb

In Trinidad and Tobago, the chadon beni (chado beni) or culantro is a treasure that is used in almost all local dishes, soups noodle dishes, curries, and seasoning all types of meat. Trinis just love it’s distinct pungent flavor. One of the most popular dishes that comprises mostly of chadon beni is the chadon beni [...]

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Corn Pie

One taste of Corn Pie brings me a rush of memories……It was Sunday; the old man’s leg had been amputated and I used to visit him on this day to “ole talk” * and keep him company. We would talk at length on many issues ranging from the spiritual to the mundane. I was in [...]

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