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Biscuit Cake

Before I get into this Trini Biscuit Cake recipe I have to clear the air over the recipe as to my actions in the past. I am guilty as charged for holding back this recipe from you all. At one time I even required visitors to subscribe to Compère Magazine before they got access to [...]

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Coconut Biscuit

I did not plan to bake a coconut biscuit recipe, but as I had a lot of coconut I felt that this was one to do.  Long story short, I am very pleased with these coconut biscuits.  They are a terrific alternative to the regular bread or pasta for dinner.   My son enjoyed them with [...]

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Guava Cheesecake

I have been thinking  of making a guava cheesecake for some time now.  Guava is hard to find these days due to it being out of season, and when I saw a box of guava cheese, or guava paste as they call it, selling at a local supermarket, I was delighted.  It was time to [...]

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Sugarless Fruit Cake

I made a sugarless cake a few months which got rave reviews by my readers for its simplicity and speed. Some even experimented and converted the cake to a fruit cake/ black cake by adding soaked fruits.   When I first tried this cake, I simply loved it and made a vow to try it [...]

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News: The Ever Elusive Biscuit Cake

The September/October Compère Magazine issue is out and we have a recipe for you.  Biscuit cake is the exclusive recipe for the September-October issue of Compère Magazine. Like I said in the article in the magazine, it has been one of the most trying recipes to acquire and put on the site.  My search for [...]

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Three-Grain Almond Bread

This three-grain almond bread, more a quick bread, reminds me of coconut sweet bread.  When I first got this recipe, I felt I had to try it, but I did not expect the delicious results I got.  The thing about it it that it does not contain any sugar – and you actually don’t miss [...]

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Frozen banana

Frozen Banana

Frozen banana? Who would have thought that frozen bananas would make such a natural dessert. It’s as if Mother Nature was showing me that she could produce an all natural frozen treat without all the chemicals to rival any commercially made treat we are so addicted to.   And now I’m hooked. She has done truly [...]

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Carrot Muffins with Raspberry Jam Filling

I love quick recipes like this tasty carrot muffins, which became even more extravagant.  Such recipes are perfect as a dessert or for serving in a dinner party.  However, they must look extraordinary, that is why I like filling my carrot muffins. The carrot muffins seen here were desserts for a dinner party.  My wife [...]

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What can I say about toolum?  It’s black, chewy,  sometimes sticky and molasses-y with a hint of orange peel and ginger.  All natural, no preservatives. When I think of toolum, it throws me back straight into Primary School……..It was a hit among us as children and still is even as an adult. Toolum: A Childhood [...]

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Christmas Cake

There is always a Christmas cake on the table during the Christmas season, especially a fruit cake.  In Trinidad the traditional black cake is usually crumbly-moist or sticky-wet and black; its moisture resulting from the excessive use of alcohol.   Some people also like icing on their black cake, thus making the cake decadent.  But I [...]

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