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The Dabla are two long wooden spatulas used when making buss-up-shut (paratha roti). The dabla is used to turn the roti. When it is cooked, the roti is slapped together with the dabla to create the ripped up effect. Of course there are also different sizes and styles of dabla, ranging from about four feet [...]

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Kalchul (a ladle) is usually made of stainless steel or other metal and used mainly when chongkaying dhal and choka.A KalchulBack to cooking utensils

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Tawa (Tawah)

A Tawa (tawah) or Platin is similar to a griddle. It is another cast iron cooking utensil that a Trini cannot do without. It is used for making bake and roti (and for me a good substitute for baking pizza). They come in various sizes as well. The larger ones are used for making buss-up-shut [...]

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A Bailna or rolling pin is used to roll out doughs to make roti or bake. Yes, even pizza doughs. It is also handy for making crumbs easily. Just place crackers or toasted bread in a paper bag or wax paper and crush it with the rolling pin.This utensil is made of wood, but nowadays, [...]

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Mortar and Pestle

A Mortar and pestle (pilón) is used to crush, grind, and mash ingredients.  The conventional mortar and pestles were used to grind spices and food products. Different Uses of a mortar and a pestel Long ago, the larger version was also used to pound cocoa and coffee (this tradition is still alive in some communities).   [...]

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Pastelle Press

A pastelle press is available in many sizes and is made of wood or plastic. It is inexpensive as well. These wooden pastelle press can help you save a lot of time in the kitchen as well.  The only substitute for it is a rolling pin or bailna, but it would take a lot longer [...]

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Cooking Utensils We Use in Trini Cooking

In every kitchen there are a number of basic cooking utensils that are necessary for everyday cooking. Traditional cooking utensils were made from clay, stone or wood.  Today, we have a variety of cooking utensils  that influence our cooking and the flavor of the dish prepared. Pots and Pans We qualify a good cooking utensil [...]

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Iron Pot

The heavy cast iron pot (cooking) is also called a caldero or caldron. This main pot is similar to the Dutch Oven. Most times they come with a heavy lid, other times you get the pot and cover separate to buy (those smart businessmen). They come in various sizes, the largest I’ve seen measures some [...]

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