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Fish Loaf

Fish Loaf

A Fish Loaf is a remarkably healthy dish. It is also delicious and satisfying. This recipe is a basic fish loaf recipe, and like any “meat”  loaf, you can place your own signature to it. For instance, some people would add a filling of some vegetable such as spinach, potato, etc. to add more fibre [...]

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Coconut Biscuit

I did not plan to bake a coconut biscuit recipe, but as I had a lot of coconut I felt that this was one to do.  Long story short, I am very pleased with these coconut biscuits.  They are a terrific alternative to the regular bread or pasta for dinner.   My son enjoyed them with [...]

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Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers out there.  Hope you enjoy yourself.   You all deserve a little treat once in a while, it is not an easy task, being a mother.  A day set aside for you is not enough, everyday should be mother’s.  You all are special, for without you we would not [...]

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Masala Caraili

Masala Caraili (Bitter Gourd)

Masala Caraili does a number on your tastebuds. Believe you me it does, especially if you’re not used to the taste of bitter gourd. First, it attacks you with a spicy, savoury masala  taste that entices you to have a bit more, but after the masala flavour subsides and starts to roll down your tongue [...]

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Frozen banana

Frozen Banana

Frozen banana? Who would have thought that frozen bananas would make such a natural dessert. It’s as if Mother Nature was showing me that she could produce an all natural frozen treat without all the chemicals to rival any commercially made treat we are so addicted to.   And now I’m hooked. She has done truly [...]

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lentil peas soup, trinidad lentil peas soup

Lentil Peas Soup

Lentil peas soup is a hearty thick soup that excites the senses on a drab, dreary long day after work. The smell of it revitalizes you, so much more for the soup itself. On those days when you don’t feel like cooking, try a nice pot of lentil peas soup. You won’t be disappointed at [...]

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Chadon Beni Pesto

Chadon Beni Pesto

What got me started on this whole chadon beni pesto recipe was the idea of fusing Italian and Trini cooking and documenting the interesting nuances I could come up with. Many posts ago I  introduced you all to Risi Bisi, a rice dish with deep Italian roots. Of course, it was an excellent addition to [...]

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Marmalade Cheese Muffins

These marmalade cheese muffins are really delectable and they will certainly surprise you and your whole family.  Perhaps the surprise may be on you seeing how fast they will go in under an hour.   As soon as they come out the oven, everyone will be eying these muffins; and when they eat one, it will [...]

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Pot Spoon Throw Down 2012: Seafood and Coconut – Mayaro

Oh Gosh, what a “Pot spoon Throw Down” food cook out that was! Ah tired today, but I’m happy …very happy. The drive was a real killer but it was worth it and I’m home relaxing today posting my latest adventure in Trini cooking. So, Are you all ready? ….Let’s go :-) Yesterday I and [...]

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Chinese Style Fried Chicken

Is Chinese Style Fried Chicken a well kept secret?  What’s in a secret that has to be hidden? I believe that there is no knowledge under the sun that’s secretive. Someone knows about it, and so it’s not really a secret it’s just uncommon knowledge that’s hidden by a select few. Some do it for [...]

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