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Beet Punch

I always buy beetroot when I go to the supermarket. Beetroot is one of our favourite vegetables. It is mostly placed in my salad, raw; it livens up the salad with its brillant colour. It does the same to beet punch. Its brillant colour and texture lends well to making a wonderfully super nutritious punch. [...]

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spicy green juice

Spicy Green Juice

My personal experience with juicing has been unforgettable.  The juices I’ve tried have all been delicious and sometimes surprisingly filling.  This one is one of my favorites; I call it spicy green juice and it is really refreshing.   If you are also into juicing and you haven’t tried this juice, you are definitely in [...]

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Chocolate Coffee | Coffee with Cocoa

Today’s recipe is simple; it is chocolate coffee or coffee with cocoa.  This rich coffee flavour will definitely surprise you!  Perhaps even get you drinking coffee more often than you wish.  You might even become another David Letterman. “Way too much coffee. But if it weren’t for the coffee, I’d have no identifiable personality whatsoever.” [...]

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Coffee with Tea

“A morning without coffee is like sleep.” -Author Unknown I can’t say I am a coffee addict, I may be getting there… but it could be because I need to stay up to do a number of things on the site. That and the mere fact that it could do a whole lot of good [...]

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Guinness Punch

Here is a simple recipe, I know you all would love to try; it is called Guinness Punch.  I find lately some of my simpler recipes have gotten a lot of visitors and continue to do so. One such example is coconut ice block, I really had fun doing that recipe. A Simple and Delicious [...]

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A Cocoa Story III – Making Cocoa Tea

So, we have come to the final act of the Cocoa Trilogy that explored cocoa in Trinidad and Tobago in its glory days to showing how it was made the traditional way long time. Well, you don’t have to guess what’s the next step. After all that hard work, pounding that cocoa in the mortar, [...]

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Fever Grass (Lemongrass) Tea

Fever grass or lemongrass tea is a popular herbal tea in Trinidad and Tobago, just like the Fever grass itself. Fever Grass is also known as Lemon grass (scientific name of “cymbopogon citratus”). It grows in thick clumps that could span from 4 feet in width and grow as tall as 6 feet. The leaves [...]

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Zebapique Tea

Zebapique is a popular herb used in Trinidad and Tobago, and the Caribbean, for a number of aliments, most commonly the flu. It is also called “Jackass Bitters” (or by its scientific name “Neurolaena lobata”). Zebapique belongs to the Asteraceae family. In Trinidad the leaves of the Zepapique are used to make a tea, and [...]

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Mango Punch

“So wha’ you goin’ an’ pos’ today?’ “Ah postin’ Mango Punch” “Mango Punch?” “How does that taste? ” “It taste real good man” “So how you does make it?” “Well first you get some mango, you know like mango Julie, and then you add some milk in the osterizer an’ ….. Buh wait nah, if [...]

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Coconut Milk

How to Make Coconut Milk After husking the coconut, it can be used to make coconut milk. In this post,  I’ll be showing you all how to make coconut milk. Coconut milk is used in many of the trini recipes I have posted such as our favourite pelau or ochro rice. As you will notice [...]

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