Stew Pork

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Sunday is a very important time in the life of a Trinidadian. It’s a time to go to church, go to the beach or river or just relax at home with family and friends. But most importantly on a Sunday is Sunday lunch, because on Sunday we like to cook a big meal with lots of sides like red beans (which by the way we call Sunday peas since we like to cook it on Sunday a lot!) callaloo; some provision; macaroni pie; fried rice; stewed, curried, baked or barbecued chicken, beef, lamb, some wild meat and, my favourite, stew pork.

Pork: A popular meat

Cooking pork is really a time honoured tradition here in Trinidad and Tobago, especially around Christmas time. I still wouldn’t feel “Christmassy” if I didn’t have ham or a pork pastelle in my plate and I’m sure that many Trinis will agree with what I’m saying. It’s just not the same. For the rest of the year we have barbecue pork, geera pork and baked pork for a Sunday meal or when we’re “liming”. We even have now a pork fete, imagine that! I think Pork is here to stay….Where was I?….. Oh! stew pork.

Stew Pork for Sunday

Stewed pork really compliments the Sunday meal and, to me, also does a fine job with provision as well. Ever heard of “Stew Pork and Dasheen”? Oh! I’m tasting it already! Anyway, in this recipe I’ll be showing you how my mother-in -law makes stew pork; tender, juicy and finger licking good for our Sunday meal.


Make sure to marinate your pork at least overnight so that the green seasoning etc. could really be infused in the meat. As a rule, we Trinis never season meat while we’re cooking. It’s always marinated first.

When caramelizing be careful of the sugar. It will burn you badly.

To cut down cooking time the pork is pressure cooked.

Ok!, now I invite you to try out this great tasting pork recipe and probably add it to your list of meals to cook for Sunday lunch.

Stew Pork



1 lb pork, chopped, seasoned and marinated
3 cloves garlic, chopped
1 small onion, chopped
6 leaves chadon beni, chopped
3 tbsp. sugar
1 tomato, chopped
2 bay leaves
2 tbsp. golden ray margarine


Add the garlic, onion, and chadon beni (bandhania) to the seasoned pork
In a deep pot caramelize the sugar to a golden brown colour
Add the pork and stir to evenly coat with the sugar.
Add the tomato,…
the golden ray, the bay leaves and a little water

and allow to simmer for 15 minutes in its own juices.
Cover the pot when you’re simmering for the 15 minutes
Afterwards, pressure cook the pork for 40 minutes over a medium-high flame.
The stew pork is done and ready to serve
Here, for my Sunday meal, I have callaloo, fried rice, potato salad,
baked chicken, chow mein and of course the stew pork with some watercress.
Want some?
The week has come to a close. It started out a little rough but I made it. See you on Monday with some more delicious recipes. It’s Labour Day in Trinidad and Tobago and I am enjoying the holiday. Bye!

Print this Stew Pork recipe.


  1. says

    hi i love your site its a life saver for me. california sucks without home food. anyway the above pic has chow mein mentioned. i remember chow mein sandwiches do you know of this and if so please post the recipe. thanks a million for your site.

  2. Henry says

    Love going thru the archives, finding old Island childhood good home eats and actually learn upon the basics i already know of how to make them all over again on my to do menu. This looks awesome. And I even have a Pressure Cooker.

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