Orange-Mango Juice

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I love the taste of this pure orange-mango juice.  Most “juices” in the supermarket are excessively sweet (with sucrose or high fructose syrup) and with very little amounts of juice from the fruit.  Most times it is made  from powdered juice and never really taste like the real fruit.  It usually ends up making you feel lethargic instead of energized.  Juices in it purer form, even with a little added water, tastes better and it is more satiating.

Pure Juices

If you don’t like eating whole fruits, you can consider making juices with your fruits.  Thus you can get some additional fiber and nutrients from the juices you make.  When the entire pulp is used you also get fiber and a number of nutrients from the fruit. It is better if sugar is not added to the juice.  For this orange-mango juice, sugar was not necessary since both fruits chosen were ripe and sweet.

So here is a delicious and pure tasting orange-mango juice.

Orange-Mango Juice Recipe


orange-mango juice



4 oranges
pulp from 1 large mango
1 tsp. Angostura bitters
sugar to taste (optional)



Squeeze the juice from the oranges into a mug.

Pulp from the mango.


In a blender, combine the juice from the orange and the mango pulp.  Blend until smooth.

 Stir in the bitters. Adjust sugar to taste.

Serve chilled with ice.

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