Mango Juice

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Mango juice is a refreshing alternative to store bought juices.  The mango season is drawing to an end, and with it the many things that makes it mango season. So, I took the chance to make another recipe with mango, mango juice.

The abundance of mango

Soon, there will be no ripening mangoes on the trees, no rotting mangoes on the ground,  and no swarming flies around the mangoes.  Flies and the mango season go hand in hand. It is the only bothersome thing about this mango season, especially when you live in the country side and there are  mangoes trees on the compound and you neighbour also has a mango tree or two.  You do not see them (the flies) until you start cooking or sharing food.  It can be the most irritating thing.  So on these days, I have to make sure all the windows are closed before I start cooking.

Another thing that astonishes me during the mango season is the price of mangoes.  Mangoes are being given away in the country side, they are rotting under bridges, and in people backyard.  So why is it (on an average) starting from $5 TT dollars for one?  Or should I say why are people buying it at that price and more?  It is really absurd.

I digress, so back to the mango juice.

Mango Juice

Mango juice can be quite filling, unlike many store bought juices that seem to be extremely watered down with some additives.  This natural fruit juice is thicker and is packed with a lot of vitamins and minerals, such as vitamins A and C.

Without added sugar in your mango juice you would be quite assured that, even though it has a high level of carbohydrates, it will not cause you blood-sugar to spike after eating just one mango.  Also, none of the calories in mango comes from fat.  The juices is easily digestible and can give you enough energy to get you moving on a busy day.  This has been revealed many times.

A mango lover would eat as much as 5 mangoes in a sitting; by the next meal, he or she would not be hungry and still have the amount of energy to rake the leaves in the yard and walk the dog up a steep hill.  Mangoes are PERFECT for athletes.  This could explain why many of our athletes perform the best during this season.  However, this is not a fruit to eat and lounge around the house, especially if you eat a lot of it during the season.  Please don’t ever do that.

A Trini Mango Juice

Now, if you have just one huge mango, you can try this recipe.  In a little while, you will whip up a tall glass of mango juice  and offer juice to the rest of the family. So, take out that blender and the rest of ingredients, especially the Angostura bitters for that Trini flavour,  from your pantry and lets being making mango juice.


Mango Juice



3 mangoes, (Julie), pitted
2 cups water
3 tbsp. sugar
1 tsp. angostura bitters
1/4 tsp. vanilla essence





Remove the flesh from the mango and dice.




Blend all ingredients together adjust sugar to taste if needed. Serve with ice.

So while you’re enjoying your mango juice I’m going to work on another trini recipe just for you all.

Print this recipe

Ah gone:)


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