Las Cuevas Beach

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Las Cuevas is located on the northern coast of the island. The journey is a little longer, but the drive is worth it because it is less rough than Maracas Bay. I personally prefer Las Cuevas also, because there are less people, so you could relax a bit more. Some of you may have seen these pics in my flickr photo stream but for those who didn’t, here they are.

Las Cuevas Beach


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    I am so in love with your blog. Sometimes I come on just to go over the recipes. Floats have now become a regular Sunday morning breakfast in my house. My mother used to make them for my kids when she had to babysit, but when she passed away, I thought that was the end until I discovered your blog. Now my kids (grown men — 19, 21 and 23) paid me the ultimate compliment by telling me my floats remind them of their granny (all thanks to you). Now I’m waiting for you to post a recipe for Doubles. “Pretty please” Thank you for all the information you have posted on Trini cooking.

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    Trinidad is a place thats full of warm and fun memories for me. I took many trips there as a kid and looking at pictures of this beach reminds me of jumping off of Joshua’s rock, being scared of lawray/sting ray the size of table tops and a party on the beach (I think it was called fisherman’s fet??) Thanks so much for creating this blog!!

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