Cucumber Chutney

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Found gracefully adorning all doubles in Trinidad and Tobago and perhaps in New York and environs, Cucumber Chutney has become a main stay of many a doubles vendor.  Be it for economy’s sake or otherwise, cucumber chutney is a real crowd pleaser. It complements the other chutneys and sauces well “batting in its crease” and not overpowering the other flavours.

Cucumber Chutney: A Companion to Doubles

At first you get that all too common “sousy taste” the “trini tongue” is accustomed to, but at the end of the taste experience  you get to recognise that this bad boy has some heat that kicks up the flavour a notch and has you craving for more….Another doubles or triples with chadon beni chutney, cucumber chutney and slight pepper perhaps? Why  not?

On a cool morning maybe under a tent or the shade of a tree at the side of the busy street, this delicious conglomeration wakes up the appetite and keeps you filled even up to mid morning where by that time you would have had three more microwaved in the office to keep you going till lunchtime because you just had to bring along about four and hide it in the fridge at work before anyone else could see. LOL!!! Yeah ah know some ah allyuh does do dat :-)

But why buy four and you’re heating only three? Well that one is just in case your esteemed co worker sees you with doubles and asks you for one. But not to worry because you planned for them… after you hide the three, you have one in a separate brown bag waiting for them “bathe” in pepper so they wouldn’t beg you for yours. Of course you tell them you thought of them this morning when you were buying doubles by “Sauce” in Curepe. And, that you like plenty pepper in your doubles and perhaps they liked theirs like that too………………hahahahaha

Way boy!  Ah just hope that doesn’t really happen oui!   Anyhow here’s cucumber chutney as promised many moons ago….Of course I swear I could eat this with pelau and all, fus it tastin’ good. Enjoy :-)

Cucumber Chutney Recipe

Cucumber Chutney

2 cucumbers, peeled and grated
10 leaves chadon beni, chopped
1 hot pepper
3 tsp salt or salt to taste
3 cloves garlic
1 tbsp lime juice (optional)

Wash, peel and grate the cucumbers…

Note: Peeling the cucumbers are optional

…then place it in a strainer to drain
Cut up the chadon beni, hot pepper and garlic.
Squeeze the remaining bit of water from the cucumber
Blend the chadon beni, hot pepper and garlic.
Add the lime juice, then pour the chadon beni mixture. Adjust salt to taste.

Note: You may have seen that I used 3 tsp because that’s my taste. Feel free to adjust the salt to your liking.

Well, this was one simple and totally mouth watering chutney and I believe I have more or less completed the list of chutneys that we make to go with doubles.

Talkin’ ’bout doubles, allyuh eh think dis chutney callin for a good doubles?  Ok ah go sponsor allyuh … look one hot doubles with everything, slight pepper….. and doh forget de cucumber chutney :-)

Dat doubles lookin good eh !

OK! Before I go here’s a list of all the delicious condiments we use for doubles that I have posted over the years.

Mango Chutney
Coconut Chutney
Tambran (Tamarind) Sauce
Pommecythere Chutney
Chadon beni Chutney
Mango Kuchela

This one isn’t really used for doubles but tastes great
Bene (sesame seed) Chutney

More recipes to come.

Ah gone!

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    Oh gosh Felix, why yuh so wicked for? yuh puh up ah pic of ah doubles dat lookin so damn gud! meh mouth watern! (and de bess part is dat i am tryn tuh stay away from fried food lol)

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    I most certainly will highly recommend this blog!

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