Cerise Wine

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Have you ever had cerise wine? Most of us will know more about the cerise fruit.

Cerise Fruit to Cerise Wine

As a boy growing up in the 80’s, the  Cerise fruit ( Flacourtia indica ) was not much of a favourite of mine. First of all, the tree had a lot of  picka (thorns) and that was a turn off, because you couldn’t climb the tree readily. Then you had to deal with the fruit itself. There were a lot of seeds to contend with and after wrestling with the seeds in your mouth for a while there wasn’t much “flesh” to eat. Jeezan ages!

But, it was all good and helped us pass time. Purpled tongues and maybe a bit of “rack” or “tie tongue” sensation in our mouths was commonplace between my friends and I as we raided a Cerise tree or two. And, it would have been short lived anyway because by then Pommerac would have been in season and the Pommerac tree would have been laden with fruit, boughs almost to touch the ground, straining under the weight, begging us to ease its burden lol!……

Those were the days. The seedy Cerise fruit left an indelible taste memory in my mind and I cannot get it out of my head. That’s where the idea for the wine came or rather popped into my mind one day. So, while up in the countryside mom got my nephew to pick some of the fruit to make some Cerise wine since it was not commonly done at home. We were accustomed to more passion fruit, rice, cashew, guava, pommerac and five finger wine, made just in time for the Christmas season. So off to another wine making adventure we went……

…….As I held the bottle of red tinged Cerise wine up against the light to admire the colour, I sighed. It was worth it, one sip and the fruitiness was there like I remembered when I was young; pastelle shades of flavour tingled my taste buds and evoked all those taste memories that were locked away; waiting for the right time; the right stimulus; to be alive again if but for a moment taking you down memory lane….

*pause, reminisce for a while and nod in agreement :-)*

How to Make Cerise Wine

Anyhow, it’s your now turn  to experience your first memories of tasting Cerise wine or the fruit for that matter.

Cerise Wine Recipe



5 cups cerise
4 cups sugar
2 tbsp yeast
5 l water

To sweeten after 21 days
5 c sugar
1 c raisins

 Before we begin remember to sterilize all utensils with hot water and put the 5 L of water to boil then cool.


 Wash the Cerise

 Place the Cerise into a bucket and pour the 5 L of water.


 Add sugar and yeast. Stir.

Cover lightly and allow to “set” for 21 days.


 21 days has passed , or at least imagine it :)


 Notice how the fruit loses its red colour.

 Strain and sweeten the wine

Note: Again remember to sterilize utensils before use.


 Wash the raisins


 Store in bottles…..

 …and add raisins. Lightly cover bottle ( don’t screw the cap on tightly) Leave for 10 days.


 After the 10 days strain using sterilized utensils.

cerise wine

 Bottle and store in a cool place.

Note: What we do is write the date when the wine was made to know how long it has been cured.

You can also place a warning sticker saying “doh touch meh wine”  😀

So there you have it, a simple but effective recipe for Cerise wine. See you all soon with another Trini recipe. Don’t forget to join our community where we continue to share and discuss more about Trini Cooking.

Ah gone :)

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    • says

      We don’t know it by any other name here in Trinidad but I can give you the scientific name. It’s Flacourtia indica. Hope this helps.

  1. dc says

    Allo Felix, have you ever posted the recipes for passion fruit, rice, or cashew wine? I couldn’t seem to find them?

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