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Garlic Mashed Potatoes

During the holidays, I really got tired seeing all that food. I mean literally seeing people around me over eating had me wondering if they were eating to live or living to eat.  As I stated a few posts ago, the materialism, and possibly all other “isms”, really go on a joy ride  during the [...]

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Eddoes Choka

Eddoes Choka

This morning Maracas is making cold which is usual during this time of the year. Normally I sleep with a fan but these days I’ve exchanged the fan for a warm blanket and sleep longer than usual. But this morning was different. I got up early with camera in hand because mom was making breakfast [...]

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Breadfruit fish cakes

Breadfruit Fish Cakes

A few years ago I did fish cakes using potatoes, this year I decided to do some substitutions and made breadfruit fish cakes using some breadfruit I had in the refrigerator and some saltfish that were begging to be used. After a few minutes of boiling and mashing and doing some seasoning of the mixture [...]

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Pumpkin Macaroni Pie

Pumpkin Macaroni Pie

Want a little more fibre in your diet? Then you need to try this pumpkin macaroni pie recipe. How it’s done, you won’t really taste the pumpkin too much but it’s there helping you you along. When I first heard about it I wondered about the taste and if it would really peak my interest. [...]

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pumpkin ponche de creme

Pumpkin Ponche de Crème

This pumpkin ponche de crème is de bomb….. The last post with the guava wine simply whetted your appetite and now that you’re ready for more, this pumpkin ponche de crème is the perfect drink for a one two knockout …Yeah that puncheon rum will have you wheeling lol :) Talking about knockouts, a few [...]

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A Healthy Cereal Mix

Sometimes I have a hard time deciding which box of cereal to buy.   There are so many different brands and types.  Also, I have an added difficulty selecting a box that does not contain high  fructose corn syrup, excessive amounts of sugar, colouring and preservatives.  It is definitely not an easy task.  It can [...]

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banana milk

Banana Milk

After my eye opener of a health rejuvenation experience, I felt that some health truths and a new way of thinking about health should be explored and shared with the wider public of Trinidad and Tobago. My advice is this: Don’t stay stagnated in your views about health, but rather expand and open your mind [...]

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I love to eat Sleek. I’ve known this Syrian/ Lebanese dish for a long long time, and today I finally feel the time is right to share this recipe with you all.  Since the earliest of my love affair with Local Trini Syrian dishes this was on the top of the list followed closely together [...]

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Beet Punch

I always buy beetroot when I go to the supermarket. Beetroot is one of our favourite vegetables. It is mostly placed in my salad, raw; it livens up the salad with its brillant colour. It does the same to beet punch. Its brillant colour and texture lends well to making a wonderfully super nutritious punch. [...]

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mango kiwi sorbet

Mango Kiwi Sorbet

I’m always looking for new interesting ways of presenting fruits in recipes and when I picked up some Kiwi fruit at the supermarket the recipe adventure began. Through a bit of trial and error and some itching throats along the way from eating it not fully ripened I eventually had a recipe worthy of being [...]

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