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no bake coconut oatmeal cookies

No Bake Coconut Oatmeal Cookies

The amount of Christmas parties my five year old niece went to this Christmas season was amazing.  Every time she came home, she was proud to show off her new presents.  She would then proclaim that being nice pays off indeed!  Then she would look at her cousin and say, “Behave yourself  or you get [...]

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A Healthy Cereal Mix

Sometimes I have a hard time deciding which box of cereal to buy.   There are so many different brands and types.  Also, I have an added difficulty selecting a box that does not contain high  fructose corn syrup, excessive amounts of sugar, colouring and preservatives.  It is definitely not an easy task.  It can [...]

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channa macaroni salad

Chickpea Pasta Salad

This chickpea pasta salad is in heavy rotation on the menu and we are really enjoying salads these days.  You can tell by the few salads posted in the past few weeks.  There comes a time when sometimes you just go with the flow, and these days we are enjoying these different salads.  And, channa [...]

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Quinoa Tabbouleh

Quinoa Tabbouleh

Quinoa tabbouleh is our introduction to Syrian/ Lebanese cooking here in Trinidad and Tobago. As I continue to explore our exotic and exciting culinary culture here on the island, I’m amazed at the richness and depth I haven’t even begin to uncover as yet. It’s like this; the more recipes I put up on the [...]

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Sauteed Tomatoes

I love sauteed tomatoes with bake or sada roti. I am never tired of it.   I love it for breakfast or dinner along with a warm cup of tea or creole cocoa. you know, eaating it the usual. Ah, that’s the life…I’m sure many of you will be able to connect with a simple dish [...]

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Spicy Coconut Rice

There is something unique about the taste of coconut.  Its sweet nutty taste can contribute greatly to the simplest of dishes, even to plain cooked rice.  That is why I had to do this recipe, a spicy coconut rice for all those who say white rice can be boring.  So, here is an umami experience [...]

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red salad

Best Ever Red Salad

There are many vegetables with a red colour and they also make a perfect red salad.  Red salads are simply irresistible.  Generally, vegetables come in different colours, with the colours indicating its nutritional value.  Red vegetables contains high levels of vitamin C and A.  Red vegetables such as tomatoes also contain lycopene and anthocyanidins, both [...]

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6 Must Try Banana Ice Creams

One of my favourite local fruits is banana.  It is such a handy fruit, and especially useful in baking, making punches, cakes and  making the simplest natural ice cream.  It wasn’t until the frozen banana post was done sometime ago that I got the idea from DC ( DC again lol!!)  to blend the bananas [...]

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Broccoli in Coconut Cheese Sauce

Broccoli is one of my favourite vegetables, and I could never get enough of it, especially when it is smothered with a cheesy coconut sauce. I also consider this cruciferous vegetable a super food because of the many health benefits you could gain from it. Broccoli in Coconut Cheese Sauce: A Remarkable Dish It can [...]

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Gluten Free Banana Nut Loaf

This recipe is one of my favorite gluten free recipes, GFCF Banana Nut Loaf.  I am always reminded that one of the best fruits to eat is a banana. It is filled with so much nutritional goodness that I know of people who would eat a banana or two before they do any physical exercise [...]

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