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beef fingers

Beef Fingers

Ever felt bored thinking about  what to eat while watching T.V.? You know like you had enough popcorn or sweetbread or the mundane fries and chicken. Well, that’s how I felt one day while watching T.V. at home with the family. I just didn’t know what to eat.  So, with belly in hand, I rummaged [...]

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Coconut Biscuit

I did not plan to bake a coconut biscuit recipe, but as I had a lot of coconut I felt that this was one to do.  Long story short, I am very pleased with these coconut biscuits.  They are a terrific alternative to the regular bread or pasta for dinner.   My son enjoyed them with [...]

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Coconut Jelly

This coconut jelly is like a dream dessert.  Its like the dessert part of heaven’s menu that the angels line up to enjoy. But, somehow the recipe leaked and reached down to earth lol! :)  It’s so good that you’ll never be satisfied, and it is going to have you craving for just one more [...]

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Dream Cookies

Dream Cookies

I just love cookies  during this Christmas season.  Dream cookies is my second cookie recipe which I believe you will enjoy preparing (the other is my own GHP Peanut butter cookies).  It is simple; requires few ingredients and tastes, for lack of a better word, absolutely dreamy.  You will definitely have to sit down and [...]

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Quick Mix Sponge Cake

I have for you busy readers and cooks, a quick and easy cake recipe for this hectic Christmas season. It will help you save time to spend with the family and relieve yourself of all the stress of getting the long “to do” list done.  I am talking about a quick mix sponge cake recipe.  [...]

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Green Fig Souse

Green Fig Souse

A Green Fig Souse for The Vegetarians Green fig souse is one of those recipes I had to do for a long time and just didn’t get the time to do it for one reason or another. But the time has come and it has been done.  I believe the main reason for doing this [...]

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fruit bars

Fruit Bars

Think this fruit bar is like the regular fruit bars you buy at the supermarket?  Think again, because believe me, you may just be thinking in the wrong direction.   This fruit bar will surprise you, especially knowing that there is no sugar in it.  This bar is sweetened with only fruits. Inspired to make some [...]

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Chennette Chow

They say give a trini any fruit and they would make a chow; so now I have chennette chow. Incidentally, this may be true, for such a saying may have some truth in it. While on the highway from Grand Bazaar, I happened to come across a vendor selling, among other things, Chennette and of [...]

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What can I say about toolum?  It’s black, chewy,  sometimes sticky and molasses-y with a hint of orange peel and ginger.  All natural, no preservatives. When I think of toolum, it throws me back straight into Primary School……..It was a hit among us as children and still is even as an adult. Toolum: A Childhood [...]

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Chow Chow

Chow Chow is a condiment everyone likes to put on their slice of ham.  Chow Chow and Christmas “Yuh want some?” the food server asked. I would never think to put that yellow stuff on my ham. For me a bit of ketchup and some pepper sauce would do just fine…Other band members knew what [...]

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