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Sorrel Kuchela

Sorrel Kuchela

Kuchela is a popular condiment in East Indian Cuisine on the island.  There are many versions of it, but this one is one that caught my attention and I could not wait to share it with my readers.  You see this sorrel kuchela was an inspiration for my mom – a person who loves all [...]

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Chive and Lemongrass Butter

In Trinidad and Tobago, lemongrass (cymbopogon citratus), or fever grass as we call it, is only used for its medicinal properties. And so I thought that was all this plant would have been good for. That is until I started expanding my cooking horizons and was introduced to Thai and Vietnamese cooking where this wonderful [...]

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Sour Cherry Jam

Following closely to the heels of the soaked sour cherry, today I have for you sour cherry jam. A keen favourite of many a Trinidadian especially when there is an abundance of the fruit.  My earliest recollections of having sour cherry jam is at home when my mother made. But, at that time we didn’t [...]

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soaked sour cherry, soaked goose berries

Soaked Sour Cherry (Gooseberries)

The sour cherry tree ( Phyllanthus Acidus) in the backyard was laden with fruit. A very large crop this year I must add and that meant one thing; soaked sour cherry….The very thought of  it made me salivate because it has been some time since I had it…..But, first we had to pick it and [...]

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Chow Chow

Chow Chow is a condiment everyone likes to put on their slice of ham.  Chow Chow and Christmas “Yuh want some?” the food server asked. I would never think to put that yellow stuff on my ham. For me a bit of ketchup and some pepper sauce would do just fine…Other band members knew what [...]

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Pickled Cucumbers

Today’s recipe is pickled cucumbers. Why do I bring you this recipe when you can easily visit your nearest supermarket and buy a nice bottle of your favorite pickles? All I can say is that after you have done your first pickling, and discovered how easy it is, you would certainly try it again. How [...]

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Sorrel Jam

Sorrel seems to be scarce these days, now that the season is long gone. The only sorrel available nowadays is the dried one that you can buy at the supermarket or at the market. So, when I made my sorrel drink the other day, I just could not throw away that sorrel pulp (good money [...]

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Cow Heel Souse

Cow heel souse is another of our trini souse dishes that we enjoy. It is similar to the famous pig foot souse and is just as delicious. The bonus of this souse dish is that people who do not eat pork can enjoy it. But then we have religions that do not eat cattle in [...]

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Red Mango

Red Mango is popular snack in Trinidad and Tobago. “Yuh want ah mango? Dance de shango……” As a child growing up in a more rural part of Trinidad, school days were really happy days. The opening sentence was part of a few nonsense call and answer rhymes we used while playing … some of them [...]

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Preserved Five Finger

The tradition of producing preserved fruit, like this preserved five finger, has been a time honoured tradition here in Trinidad and Tobago. The fruits used may vary depending on what type of preserving you’re going to do. For the hot spicy preserved fruit we use the more “half ripe” fruits so you get a bit [...]

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