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Spicy Egg Salad

This is not an ordinary egg salad; this is a spicy egg salad made with one of my favourite sauces, chadon beni chutney.  It is also one of my mom’s favourite ways to prepare boiled eggs.   Not everyone likes plain boiled egg.  This way makes it a lot more tasty and interesting with a little [...]

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Sorrel Sauce

Christmas is really here and by the sight of all the sorrel being sold at the market and also at the roadside on the highway it only means one thing: sorrel, sorrel and more sorrel to drink.  But, what about other recipes using sorrel? In the past I have done a sorrel jam, sorrel cake [...]

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Bacon Wrapped Plantains

Bacon Wrapped Plantains

We have a lot of plantains in the Caribbean.  Generally, when I think of plantain I think of it being fried in oil until is is golden and served with bread or bake for breakfast.  I generally eat plantain fried.  It is also the easiest way to prepare it. There are many others recipes that [...]

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Green Fig Souse

Green Fig Souse

A Green Fig Souse for The Vegetarians Green fig souse is one of those recipes I had to do for a long time and just didn’t get the time to do it for one reason or another. But the time has come and it has been done.  I believe the main reason for doing this [...]

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Almond Chicken Goujons, Simply Trini Cooking

Almond Chicken Bites

A, A! Long time no see! How allyuh goin? I fine well thanks…..Today I have an exquisite almond chicken bites recipe that I learnt while doing some cooking classes. Much credit goes to my mentor for this one and, by the looks of it, you know it is going to taste goooood. Anyway, I’ve been [...]

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Quick Cheese Bread

This quick cheese bread will  surprise you.  Even though this cheese bread is a quick bread, the cakey feel and taste will definitely make you wonder if this is bread, is really a bread at all. The Definition of a Quick Bread Some people may insist that a bread must have yeast to be labeled [...]

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Marmalade Cheese Muffins

These marmalade cheese muffins are really delectable and they will certainly surprise you and your whole family.  Perhaps the surprise may be on you seeing how fast they will go in under an hour.   As soon as they come out the oven, everyone will be eying these muffins; and when they eat one, it [...]

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Chadon Beni Parmesan Muffins

Parmesan muffins are already a hit in every which way, ( it’s the cheese man! it’s the cheese) but, add our favourite trini herb Chadon Beni and you have a muffin superstar. Muffins are quick breads that you can make in 30 minutes or less and thus is enjoyable to make for the whole family [...]

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Carrot Pineapple Muffins

Today, I have a recipe for semi-sweet carrot pineapple muffins.  They are moist and tender.  You will absolutely enjoy these muffins with tea during breakfast or have them as a quick snack during the day. They are very easy to make. Muffins are Quick Breads Muffins are just enjoyable.  There are so many varieties; you [...]

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Chicken Salad

The first time I had Chicken salad was in a puff at some function I went to.  The place now escapes me but the taste memory still lingers and is brought to life whenever these ingredients come together in this way. Funny how the brain can distinguish between all these scents and flavours and link [...]

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