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Tofu Vegetable Stir Fry

Never liked tofu? Well, today I hope to change your mind…… For some time I’ve been meaning to do this post but as usual other recipes get in the way and I forget.  But, I have some readers who don’t forget and always remind me that I didn’t do the recipe as yet…..Say hello to [...]

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Whole Steamed Fish

The seductive taste of a whole steamed fish is one that I still have to stop and wonder what was really happening in my mouth. OK, there was ginger and some green seasoning, but somehow when all of the other ingredients infused together in the fish, it tasted as if I put sugar in the [...]

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Meatless Loaf

What does it take for you to review your personal ideology on food? A threatening disease? A spiritual experience? or just a walk in another person’s food reality. Be it as it may, I recently had to step back and review how I saw food and the bigger picture to which it appends itself. You [...]

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Steamed Fish in Chadon Beni Garlic Butter

This steamed fish in chadon beni garlic butter is “de bomb”. Ah mean it was just nuclear on my senses. You know the feeling you get when something is so irresistible that you just get that all so happy feeling inside? You just have to put down your fork, shake your head in wonder and [...]

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Spicy Egg Salad

This is not an ordinary egg salad; this is a spicy egg salad made with one of my favourite sauces, chadon beni chutney.  It is also one of my mom’s favourite ways to prepare boiled eggs.   Not everyone likes plain boiled egg.  This way makes it a lot more tasty and interesting with a little [...]

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Steamed Fish with Chive and Lemongrass Butter

This is just an application of the chive and lemongrass butter recipe I did. I chose to do a steamed fish since you don’t see much fish in the supermarket at this time. I literally had to hunt for fish and couldn’t even get a whole fish to do this recipe. Nevertheless, once you see [...]

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red salad

Best Ever Red Salad

There are many vegetables with a red colour and they also make a perfect red salad.  Red salads are simply irresistible.  Generally, vegetables come in different colours, with the colours indicating its nutritional value.  Red vegetables contains high levels of vitamin C and A.  Red vegetables such as tomatoes also contain lycopene and anthocyanidins, both [...]

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Provision Salad

Provision Salad

On a Sunday morning, while staring at the fridge in wonder as to what I shall be cooking, the available ingredients said to me “make a Provision salad”. I certainly wasn’t going to make the run off the mill potato salad for the millionth time…I must say it gets boring after a while.  Don’t you [...]

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beet salad

Beet Salad

I am not surprised as to the popularity of this beet salad in my family.  Everyone loves the delicious addition of beet to the salad.  It had such a natural crunchy sweetness that no one seemed to mind. They did not seem to care if their plates had so much of this salad and less [...]

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Coconut Fish, Coconut Fish Trinistyle, Trinidad Coconut Fish

Coconut Fish

Coconut Fish: An Exciting Trini Creation Cooking inspiration comes in varied ways to me and this coconut fish recipe was no different.  I’m always on the lookout for different approaches to cooking fish. Since there are already a few main techniques we use here in Trinidad and Tobago, this one for me is a little [...]

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