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Sorrel Kuchela

Sorrel Kuchela

Kuchela is a popular condiment in East Indian Cuisine on the island.  There are many versions of it, but this one is one that caught my attention and I could not wait to share it with my readers.  You see this sorrel kuchela was an inspiration for my mom – a person who loves all [...]

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Sweet Rice

The first time I heard about sweet rice I really did not envision it to be what you see in the picture. In fact I had no notion of what sweet rice would even taste like. All I knew then was that someone asked for the recipe on my facebook group and I obliged to [...]

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Video Recipe – Flour Parsad

I thought it best to post this video on flour parsad today, during this auspicious time of Divali, and also because of the number of hits this recipe has gotten over the last few days. Flour parsad is most loved by many because of its creamy sweet taste.  This is one type of parsad, the [...]

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Peera is another popular Indian sweet.  This week I got a request from one of my fans I certainly couldn’t refuse. The timing was right and I didn’t do this recipe as yet although I had it in my list of things to do. So last night we finally got around to documenting the Peera [...]

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Channa Puri

Today turned out to be a good day to make channa puri. Why not? It turned out to be a good meal to have after the events of Wednesday. So today, my frame of mind is a lot different from yesterday: thanks to the good Lord for a little sense of humor. All I can [...]

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This recipe of Kachourie or Kachori reminds me of many things. The night was cool and the darkest night for the year was alight with deyas. Deyas were everywhere, but what I liked most were the formations made with split bamboo. Some of the designs were intricate while others were simple. Divali and Kachourie I [...]

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Curry Chataigne (Breadnut)

I’ll be short today since this is a long detailed post (35 pictures I believe).  In the last post I showed you all how to boil the chataigne seeds. But, you may also remember me talking about eating chataigne with buss up shut, dhal puri, sada roti etc. This is how it’s done… The chataigne [...]

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Aloo Puri

It’s been a while, only a few days but to me it feels like a long time. As usual, if no posts are seen it doesn’t mean that I’m not working. I just didn’t get sufficient time to post. That and I’ve been up to my neck, more like forehead, in work lately. Anyhow, back [...]

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Saheena II

By now you would have realised that this is the second variation of saheena that we prepare. This saheena recipe is easier than the first because of the steps and the preparation but the cooking time may probably be the same since in this saheena recipe we have to leave the mixture to “rest”. The [...]

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Saheena I

The dasheen plant’s use is very versatile in the hands of an experienced Trini cook. Actually, we use the whole plant, the leaves and the corm, in dishes ranging from provision and saltfish to bhaji rice to callaloo. And added to that today we have saheena. Saheena: An Indian Delicacy Saheena is a wonderful East [...]

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