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Whole Steamed Fish

The seductive taste of a whole steamed fish is one that I still have to stop and wonder what was really happening in my mouth. OK, there was ginger and some green seasoning, but somehow when all of the other ingredients infused together in the fish, it tasted as if I put sugar in the [...]

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Fish in White Sauce with Vegetables

It seems any dish with a white sauce, such as this fish in white sauce with vegetables,  is a dish begging to be eaten or maybe, you will be begging for more.   During this season of Lent my family eat more fish than any other time.  This is because we hardly eat any other type [...]

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Steamed Fish in Chadon Beni Garlic Butter

This steamed fish in chadon beni garlic butter is “de bomb”. Ah mean it was just nuclear on my senses. You know the feeling you get when something is so irresistible that you just get that all so happy feeling inside? You just have to put down your fork, shake your head in wonder and [...]

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Steamed Fish with Chive and Lemongrass Butter

This is just an application of the chive and lemongrass butter recipe I did. I chose to do a steamed fish since you don’t see much fish in the supermarket at this time. I literally had to hunt for fish and couldn’t even get a whole fish to do this recipe. Nevertheless, once you see [...]

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Fish and Sweet Potato Chowder

There are many varieties of chowder, but I like this one called fish and sweet potato chowder. This simple, creamy soup could become your new comfort food.  It is so easy to prepare and heart healthy. One ingredient, sweet potato, which is available year round here on the island, is known to to have many [...]

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Roast Breadfruit and Saltfish

Roast Breadfruit and Saltfish

Roast Breadfruit and saltfish echoes from a distant past, one that resonates where Trini food originated and the struggle it has endured. But, to me, it has another memory of a struggle……. The year was 1990; a year that proved to be very trying for us as a country and also as an individual during [...]

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Seafood Stir Fry

Friday night is liming night here in Trinidad and Tobago. In fact it is the start of the liming and partying that could well last the whole weekend. Where you hang out all depends on your taste. It could be your favourite bar or doubles vendor or just your favourite restaurant to dine out. While [...]

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Exclusive Recipe: Fish Loaf

A Fish Loaf is a remarkable healthy dish. It is also delicious and satisfying. This recipe is a basic fish loaf recipe, and like any loaf, you can place your own signature to it. For instance, some people would add a filling of some vegetable such as spinach, potato, etc. [newsletter_lock] However, I like it [...]

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lambie souse, conch souse

Lambie Souse

Lambie souse is another of our favourite souse to make on the island. A favourite of fishermen and locals alike, this somewhat aphrodisiac food is welcomed by all men, young and old. It seems that the more obscure the food is, it seems to to have some sort of “boosting” property for men. This was [...]

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Coconut Fish, Coconut Fish Trinistyle, Trinidad Coconut Fish

Coconut Fish

Coconut Fish: An Exciting Trini Creation Cooking inspiration comes in varied ways to me and this coconut fish recipe was no different.  I’m always on the lookout for different approaches to cooking fish. Since there are already a few main techniques we use here in Trinidad and Tobago, this one for me is a little [...]

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