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Pineapple, Bacon and Rice

Pineapple, Bacon and Rice

Pineapple is not the type of ingredient you will find in a traditional trini pot cooking away with rice. But, by expanding my cuisine/ cooking/ taste horizons through the past few years, I have learnt to embrace the many subtle, bold, exciting and curious ingredient combinations that there are into my schema. Hmm! Sounded like [...]

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Red Bean Pelau

Red Bean Pelau With Salt Beef

My favourite bean is red bean or kidney bean, but I had never thought it would be perfect in a pelau with salt beef.    I was introduced to this remarkable dish by my mother-in-law.   So I had to get this recipe from her, directly with pictures and all.  If you must make it, it must [...]

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Parsley Rice

Sometimes plain rice can be boring.    Sometimes a little creativity can make a regular meal exquisite, and so parsley rice is born.  You should know that it is the parsley potatoes, which I did some time ago, that encouraged me to make parsley rice.  This rice dish helps create a versatile menu.  It can [...]

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Meatless Loaf

What does it take for you to review your personal ideology on food? A threatening disease? A spiritual experience? or just a walk in another person’s food reality. Be it as it may, I recently had to step back and review how I saw food and the bigger picture to which it appends itself. You [...]

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Rice Delight

You know how I love to give you all a story, well this rice delight has a beautiful origin; one that I have to share…  The Community Centre  was perched on a tiny block of land on the mountainside, in a little village on the Northern Range called El Luengo. But, small as it may [...]

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black eyed peas pelau

Black Eyed Peas Pelau

With Old Years upon us that only means one thing for me; a black eyed peas recipe for good luck in the New Year. Some moons ago I did the usual black eyed peas and rice; a recipe that has long traditions in our country and and goes as far as Louisiana but of course [...]

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Spicy Coconut Rice

There is something unique about the taste of coconut.  Its sweet nutty taste can contribute greatly to the simplest of dishes, even to plain cooked rice.  That is why I had to do this recipe, a spicy coconut rice for all those who say white rice can be boring.  So, here is an umami experience [...]

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Tomato Rice

Tomato Rice

It’s the simplest and tastiest way to prepare rice. You also don’t need much different ingredients for it, just tomatoes and sizable amount of herbs.  I am referring to the dish called Tomato Rice; but some people would also call it Spanish rice.  However you call this rice dish, you will notice that it is [...]

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Black Beans and Rice

When shopping for one of my favourite beans, I overhead a couple deciding on whether or not they should pick up a pack of dried black beans.  I had already grabbed my pack when the lady said to the man who was stretching out his hands for a pack as well, “no, no, we hate [...]

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Cherry Rice, Trinidad Cherry Rice

Cherry Rice

The first time I saw Cherry Rice was at the Pot Spoon Throw Down at Lopinot last year. When I saw it I knew I just had to have it.  It looked exotic and delicious at the same time. You know the type of food that says you just have to try me lol! So, [...]

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